Awesome Anthologies – The Writers’ Stuff

I am starting a new section on my blog – Awesome Anthologies – to help promote some wonderful authors who combine their short stories.  This is a  wonderful way to learn about these talented authors when you just want a short read.

Today I’m bringing you The Writers’ Stuff an interesting anthology of stories from multiple genres and by a group of talented authors.  If you are looking for a short read, then look no more.

The Write Stuff

The Writers’ Stuff (The Write Stuff Anthology Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Dylan Patton (Author), Simone Beaudelaire (Author), H C Barbo (Author), Lisa Williamson (Author), J Rudolph(Author), Morgen Knight (Author), Jack D Albrecht Jr (Author), Robert Pruneda (Author), L M Boelz (Author),Sheenah Freitas (Author)


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