Coming Soon – Lucky Chance by Linell Jeppsen

Look out for the soon to be released short story, Lucky Chance by my friend Linell Jeppsen.  It will be released on February 18th.


It has been eight years since Matthew’s wife, Iris, was murdered and he went out in search of her killers; risking life, limb and sanity in his search for justice.

Now, he’s a simple, country lawyer. It’s certainly safer than being a lawman but he is bored, until an old friend’s plea for justice sends Matthew in a whole new direction…

Frederick Holland’s youngest son, Johnny, was killed in a “fixed” boxing match, and Fred wants Matthew to search for proof that the boxer’s gloves were loaded with Plaster of Paris. Problem is, Matthew no longer carries a badge. What can he do to help his old friend?

Become a private investigator, of course. And so begins the Wilcox and Son Investigation Agency.

Matthew’s son, Chance, was a boxing champion in the Army and he is the perfect man to prove Snake-Eyes Svenson’s guilt but, can he survive the encounter?

Find out in LUCKY CHANCE… the first of the Wilcox and Son case files!







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