I’m Back!!!!!

Hi everyone.   Sorry for the absence and for the lack of posts.  I had a bit of difficulty and have had to lose all of my posts.  I will reblog some of my recent interviews.

If anyone would like some promotion email me at chkara.silverwolf@bigpond.com

Also I am going into hospital on Thursday – hopefully only until Friday depending upon the results of the tests, so all prayer and positive energy most welcome.

Blessed be!



10 responses to “I’m Back!!!!!

  1. Hi ch’kara Im so sorry i havent been reading your posts and i just found an email from you from a few months ago. A belated thankyou for yr xmas card, too. It seems like you havent been very well this year – or last year? Is thursday’s operation a serious one? Either way, I’m sending you lots of love and light. Which hospital will you be in? I’ll ring you before you go, but i just wanted to shoot off this email so you know that im putting out the positive vibes to you. Give Steph my love, too. I hope he is coping alright with everything thats been happening. Lots of love from Louise xx

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