Interstellar Award for Speculative Poetry

My friend Joanna Fay is running a competition for Speculative Poetry, so go check it out.


The international Interstellar Award for Speculative Poetry is open to all forms of poetry, from contemporary/free verse to traditional verse. ‘Speculative’ is here defined as science fiction and fantasy, all sub-genres such as space opera, hard SF, soft SF, paranormal, steampunk, new gothic, supernatural, metaphysical fantasy, magical realism, and all hybrid genres, including new ones of your own making. The only proviso is that entries contain at least an element of the speculative. So whether you’re opening stargates, riding dragons, consorting with elves, shifting magnetic fields, or revealing a subtle anomaly in an otherwise mundane event, your poem/s will be admissible.



First Prize:  $1000

Second Prize:  $300

Highly Commended and Commended certificates will also be awarded.


Award Announcements

A shortlist of ten poems will be posted on the Interstellar Homepage on June 1st, 2015. Award winners will be notified by phone/email on June 8th, and final results, including Highly Commended and Commended poems, will be listed on this site on June 12th, 2015, along with the Judge’s report.


Conditions of Entry

  • All entries must be the original, previously unpublished work of the poet, and must not have won first prize in any other award.
  • The Award is open to all poets, anywhere in the world, however entries are to be written in English.
  • The maximum length for poems is 60 lines. There is no minimum length.
  • Single poem entries must be accompanied by an entry fee of $12 AUD (Australian dollars), payable online via Paypal or by cheque/money order. Entries from outside Australia must be paid for via Paypal.
  • Up to three (3) poems can be entered per poet. A single poem entry is $12, two poems can be entered for $20, or three poems for $27. Multiple poems can be paid for in one payment.
  • Entries are open from March 1st to May 1st. All entries must be received by the closing date to be eligible.
  • Copyright of poems remains with the poet.

For Online Entries

  • No entry form is required. Entry is by email to
  • In the body of the email, include your name, address, title of poem, line count, phone number and Paypal Transaction ID number. Attach your poem/s as a word.doc, .docx or .rtf file. Make sure the poem is single-spaced, in a legible font, Times New Roman 12 pt or similar. Do not include your name in the attached file, as poems are judged anonymously.
  • Payment of entry fees is via Paypal to Please pay before sending your poem, and include the payment’s Transaction ID number in the email.

For Postal Entries

  • No entry form is required. Include a cover sheet with your name, address, title of poem, line count, phone number and email address (if you require acknowledgement of receipt and/or award results).
  • Do not include your name on the poem itself. Entries must be typed, single-spaced, in a legible font, Times New Roman 12 pt or similar, on one side of A4 paper, with pages numbered, and the poem’s title on each page.
  • Payment can be made by cheque or money order, made payable to J.F.Mills, or online via Paypal to (if you do this, please include the Transaction ID number on your cover sheet).
  • Send entries to: The Convenor: At present, inquire via for postal address.







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