Who Is – Jean Kilczer?

Today’s ‘Who Is?’ is my friend Jean Kilczer, who writes wonderful science fiction, as well as children’s books.

Jean Kilczer

While majoring in art in high school – yeah, they let us do that at Prospect Heights H.S. in Brooklyn, with nude models, too, I realized that the creative juices were flowing in a different direction: science fiction and fantasy writing. One evening when there was nothing good on TV, I took pen in hand and wrote a short science fiction story titled: The Aliens. “Well,” said I, “that wasn’t so hard,” having no idea how poorly written it really was, and how skewed was the science in the fiction. But it launched me into a love of writing and a passion to become the best writer possible.

Success? How do you measure it? I’ve sold short stories. I’ve written ten novels. Nine of them are out there. The tenth, Satan’s Forge, the fifth book in the Star Sojourner series, is coming soon. The rest are selling as ebooks and paperbacks. Here’s the Star Sojourner list: Book One-The Loranth. Book Two-Halcyon Nights. Book Three-Spears of the Sun. Book Four-Blood of Denebria. My other two science fiction books are: The Empty Hands and Kraken’s Keep. Snowflake’s World is a children’s fantasy trilogy: Book One-The Deadly Sulphur Mine. Book Two-The Enchanted Portal at Haunted Lake. Book Three-The Quest for New Eden. I love writing the Star Sojourner series, though. I hope you’ll love the characters as much as I do. Michelangelo said it best. “My muse is a harsh mistress, and she never lets me forget that I was born to serve her.” I’ve been serving my muse for lo these many years.






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