Who Is – Will Macmillan Jones?

Today I bring you my friend and fellow author Will Macmillan Jones, he has a wide range of writings and I highly recommend you check them out.

Will Macmillan Jones

A fifty something lover of blues, rock and jazz, I have recently fulfilled a lifetime ambition by extending my bookcases until they fill an entire wall of my home office.

When not writing short stories, I am busy with my major comic fantasy series, The Banned Underground, released by Safkhet Publishing. Starting with The Amulet of Kings and The Mystic Accountants, then running on to The Vampire Mechanic, Bass Instinct and The SatNav of Doom, the books are written as stand alone works and can be read in any order. Described by a reviewer for Awesome Indies as ‘like one long Monty Python skit’ they contain beer, pizza and an enviable joke count.

Also on the way is a paranormal series starting with The Showing, for those of a less nervous disposition, who like being made to sleep with the lights on after reading….

You can find details here: www.thebannedunderground.com

Other stuff, anthologies and the like, can be found at my other website:

And if you are a real glutton for punishment, there’s always the blog as well.


I’d like to say that I have spare time activity, but apart from hill walking, I don’t have enough spare time to be active!

And amazingly – well, I found it amazing, Bass Instinct – The Banned Underground #4 made the Guardian Newspaper’s 2013 longlist for their annual Not The Booker Prize. Described by a reviewer as ‘Lord of The rings as written by [stand up comedian]Milton Jones to the soundtrack of led Zeppelin IV, I’d say it was worth a look…






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