New Release – Freedom Vs. Aliens by T. Jackson King

Today I have a New Release for you for Freedom Vs. Aliens by my friend T. Jackson King.  Now although this is the third book in the Aliens series, it can be read as a stand alone and is priced at 99cents for this week only, so grab it while it’s at this great price.

TOM FreedomVsAliensCarinaNebulaHubble1 (2)DESCRIPTION

Jack Munroe’s anti-Alien crusade runs into a roadblock. The Unity rulers of Earth attack his Asteroid Belt home. They aim to ally with the predatory Hunters of the Great Dark. But Jack is not about to let Earth be run by Alien predators who treat subject peoples as serfs and living meals. He attacks Unity space bases on Earth, destroys the Unity headquarters in Switzerland and encourages America and other nations to reclaim their independence. Jack then leads a fleet of powerful starships out to the stars to make a Freedom Alliance with subject Aliens. That requires finding common ground for Humans, the Melagun hippos and the ChikHo ostriches. Which he vows to do. Jack is determined to subvert a galactic system that says only carnivore predators can travel star-to-star!”







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