Who Is – Lisa Williamson?

Today I bring you my friend Lisa Williamson.  A talented author with several different genres, all terrific.  She is also a fantastic cover artist.

Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson is a writer of odd cross genre fictional stories. With dozens of short stories, novellas and novels her fantastic worlds span the genres of fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, erotica and horror.

Her first publication was in the beginning of the Ebook movement with a short story and poetry collection from the 1990s. Writing in themes of self discovery, she mixes myths and legends from various cultures with a mystical bent. No matter that genre there will be a touch of romance, a sprinkle of nontraditional religions and a dash of enlightenment. He stories strive to let the reader open their mind to the wonder of the world around and within us.

Born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire, she is currently living with her husband and daughter in Ontario, Canada. The change from one country to another has inspired her writing of both fantastical fiction and poetry.

Her series are as follows:

Beyond Realities – stories of alternate earths
Death Walks Through – ghost stories with a twist
Guardians of the Gate City – urban fantasy
Guardians of the Gate City Side Stories – urban fantasy
Worlds Apart – stories of other worlds
Mythos of Love – fantasy romances
Flights in Fantasy – erotic paranormal romance novellas
Dark Games – new take on vampires and those who hunt them
Echoes of Elder Times – retold faery tales and folk tales
Saga of Loralil Greyfox – dark classic fantasy novels
Nasty Intimacies – raw erotic short stories
Pleasant Moments – softer erotic tales
Poems and Photography – collections of photographs and poetry
Chaos Wars – post apocalyptic dark fantasy
Space Station Tales – light science fiction shorts
Magic and Nightmares – short stories mixing fantasy and horror
Gate Cycle – short horror tales
Chaos Wars – dark urban fantasy novels
Erotic Tales – erotic interconnected short story collections






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