Excerpt Promotion – Mythos of Love by Lisa Williamson

Today I bring you an Excerpt from Mythos of Love, a wonderful short story collection by my friend Lisa Williamson.

LISA mythos-of-loveDESCRIPTION

Mythos – A story or set of stories relevant to or having a significant truth or meaning for a particular culture, religion, society, or other group.

Love stories are common through out all cultures. These short stories are a fantasy take on love and magic, for romance can be found in any genre.

With tales of traditional love with a Knight riding out to rescue his kidnapped lady to a tale of love over coming even death, these five tales will be a new take on a beloved genre.

With one novella, three previously published short stories and one entirely new tale, there is something for everyone. Even those who don’t expect a happily ever after.


Elinor looked about for her knight and she couldn’t see him anywhere nearby. They were to meet here, at least that was what the note said. She went over to the nearest bench and sat down with a soft smile. The orchard was beautiful in this light. The sun was just setting and the leaves took on a golden glow. She hummed quietly and closed her eyes, thinking. The last few months had been wonderful. Lying in Yasha’s arms during the night and singing her songs during the day had lightened her heart. He had taken away the pain and fear and replaced it with love. He had been gently attentive the first days, bringing her drinks between sets and gifting her with blossoms that he would place in her hair. It was almost inevitable that his gentle touch and attention turned quickly from courtly to something earthier.

The first time they came together stunned her. He was a gentle lover who did everything for the woman in his arms before taking his own pleasure. A part of her expected him to come to his senses and realize that she was simply a distraction of the moment. After all, he was a Knight Protector, sworn to the realm and expected to spend only a day here or a week there. He was to roam the entire kingdom solving troubles and defeating those who did evil. When the ladies in town saw that he was spending time with the woman they considered THEIR bard, she had been flooded with the legend of Yasha. They told her of the monsters he had slain, the maidens he had rescued and so much more. Whether it was to remind her that she was a back county bard and not worthy of him or, she was surprised to say, that they believed he was unworthy of HER, it was a pleasant surprise. She had come to see her worth to the people in this town. She had truly found a home here and she was accepted and even thought of protectively. Her thoughts were so engrossed in this pleasant train that she paid little attention to her surroundings.

She jumped at the clearing of a throat before her. Thinking that Yasha was finally there, she smiled as she opened her eyes. “Hello, lov..,” her voice trailed off as she focused on the man before her. It only took a moment for her to realize that the man before her was shorter and broader than her lover. The cut of his clothing told her much and a moment later her eyes widened. Before her was a man she had only heard of in whispered rumors, the dark wizard Hargon, her lover’s enemy.







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