Meet The Characters – Montayna – Daughter of Light & Dark


Hi, I thought I would start off this new promotion with one of my own characters.  Your character profile can be as long or short as you like.


Final Cover Daughter smaller

I would like to introduce you to Montayna.

For centuries she has been spoken of in the Prophecy of Nitesh – which means Heartbeat of the Earth – She is said to be the Chosen One, who will take away the darkness that is beginning to surface.

She is a young woman who was born into slavery.  She has a haunting beauty, tall and lean with dark hair and large dark brown eyes that sometimes appear black.   Although she has an inner strength, for, being a slave this was a necessity to survive.  On the surface she appears shy and timid, this of course comes from her uncertainty on being free and discovering she has magikal abilities.

As she learns about herself, and her abilities begin to unfold, that shy vulnerability begins to change into a confident strength. Her challenge of course is that she is born from both Light and Dark and she must decide which side she will be on in the end.

To learn more about Montayna’s journey then check out the beginning of her story in Daughter of Light & Dark.








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