Meet The Characters – Jules Rammis from Star Sojourner Series


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jules Rammis, a wonderful man who resides in the Star Sojourner Series.  He comes from the creative mind of my friend Jean Kilczer.  I have read some of Jules’ adventures and look forward to reading more.  You can start his journey in Book One – The Loranth.

Jean The Loranth

Jules Rammis was a wild kid, and is a reckless, yet very appealing adult of twenty-seven. Lanky, blond, blue-eyed, with a smile that melts hearts, this laid-back action adventure hero is no superman, and often uses his wits to squeeze out of dangerous situations.

But Jules carries a heavy weight of guilt. At sixteen, this reckless kid flew a helicub high over mountains. His sister Ginny, along for the ride, was killed when the small cub flipped over and crashed in a canyon. Jules’ guilt over her death is the underlying cause of his continuing reckless nature, even as an adult. Though Spirit, a very powerful telepathic alien who developed planet Halcyon’s lifeforms, tells Jules that Ginny has reincarnated in a different solar system and is content, Jules still blames himself and has a subconscious death wish.

An astrobiologist by profession, and a powerful telepath himself, Jules has a talent for getting into trouble. It’s not that he seeks out risky situations, it seems the situations seek out Jules, who is coveted for his tel abilities, usually by the wrong Terrans and aliens who want his unwilling services for their own evil purposes.

In the course of the eight-book series: Star Sojourner, Jules gathers a core team of interesting humans, and Huff, a Vegan who resembles a Polar bear. Huff is Jules’ closest friend, loyal to a fault, this simple, yet wise alien, represents the animal power of the earth and provides much of the humor that threads through the books. Sophia Rella is Jules’ love interest. Beautiful, headstrong, perceptive, she compliments Jules’ laid-back, sometimes naive attitudes. Chancey Jones, a black Harlem dude, is quick and brash. While he and Jules are close friends, sometimes these two young males challenge each other. Joe Hatch, crusty, crafty, the older leader of the team, plays the father role to Jules, but is often a harsh parent as he attempts to guide Jules toward more conservative behavior. Bat, the laid-back Southern medic, is the healer and Jules’ confidant.

The team is a cohesive whole that works well together. Each member would risk all to save another one. The interplay of these characters provides continuous growth for them all, especially Jules, whose sense of honor is the core of his personality, and often affects other members of the team. Before going off on a dangerous mission to save the slaves of a lithium mine at his own risk of life and limb, Jules recites to Sophia: “I could not love thee dear so much, loved I not honor more.” This is the major theme that runs through the entire series.







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