Author Interview – Jean Kilczer – The Loranth

It is my pleasure to interview my good friend Jean Kilczer about her Star Sojourner series.  Today we are focusing on the first in the series, The Loranth.

Jean KilczerShort Author Bio:

While majoring in art in high school – yeah, they let us do that at Prospect Heights H.S. in Brooklyn, with nude models, too, I realized that the creative juices were flowing in a different direction: science fiction and fantasy writing. One evening I took pen in hand and wrote a short science fiction story titled: The Aliens. “Well,” said I, “that wasn’t so hard,” having no idea how poorly written it really was, and how skewed was the science in the fiction. But it launched me into a love of writing and a passion to become the best writer possible.

Jean The Loranth

Book Synopsis:

Astrobiologist Jules Rammis finds more than the mammalian lifeform he was searching for on the primal planet Syl’ Terria. Instead, he is lured into the grotto of a demented member of the telepathic race of Loranths who roam the sunken seas. Obsessed with the destruction of mankind for an accident that took his limb when a Terran ship landed, Sye Kor sees all humans as the evil manifestations of God, who crippled him.

While under pressure as Sye Kor’s hunter-slave, Jules develops his latent telepathic powers as a defense, and escapes the master. Now a powerful telepath himself, he takes on the mission of killing Sye Kor before Kor can unleash his gland-produced pandemic against humans.

But Terrans are already dying of Kor’s plague. With the virus ravaging his body, Jules goes after Sye Kor, intent on revenge. Through his encounter with the imperious Loranth monarch, Jules realizes that the race has no law to put a Loranth to death. They are waiting for him to execute the deviant Kor. With this knowledge, Jules puts aside his hunger for revenge and refuses to become their murderer. Surprised that Terrans also hold life in high esteem, the monarch summons his people for a Healing Bind that produces an antibody.

Though two hundred Terrans have died from Kor’s plague, starships were recalled in time and the pandemic is eradicated. Recovered from the virus, Jules is applauded as a hero.


If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

The Loranth is the first book in an eight-book science fiction action adventure series titled Star Sojourner. If I were writing it now, I think I would introduce some of the team members. In the later books, Jules hooks up with Huff, a lovable but powerful alien who resembles a Polar bear and provides a lot of the humor in the series; Chancey, a black dude from Harlem who is Jules’ outspoken sidekick; Joe the crusty older leader of the team; Bat, the laid-back Southern medic, and last but not least, Sophia Rella, Jules’ strong-willed love interest.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

To make a variety of aliens from different solar systems all seem very real as they co-exist on a primitive planet where none is aware of Sye Kor, the crazed Loranth who lives out of sight in an underground grotto.

What was the biggest challenge you faced writing this book and how did you overcome it?

Developing the main characters, especially Jules, since he, and the rest, were all new to me. I did a character analysis of each major character, and learned how each would react in any given situation.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

I learned which characters I wanted to keep in ensuing series books, and which I would let go of. I believe that one of the advantages of writing a series, besides the fact that readers who like one book might want to read others, is that you develop a deep understanding of your major characters and the tone of the books.

What are the future plans for you and this book?

I hope to get The Loranth out there on Amazon where readers can find it, and I intend to continue doing the series. I love writing them, and I hope readers love reading them.

What advice would you give a new author just entering into the self-publishing arena?

Write what you feel passionate about, but always have an imaginary reader of your chosen genre looking over your shoulder as you write. I constantly ask myself: “What will be the most interesting and intriguing turn of events for the reader?”

Have you published anything else?

Besides six of the the eight-book series, I have two adult science fiction books: Kraken’s Keep, and my most controversial: The Empty Hands.

What’s next for you? What is your next project?

I’d like to examine a more psychological theme in the series that may not be as action-oriented, but will explore the characters on a deeper level as they confront an enigmatic animal-plant that has many facets itself to its makeup.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Yes. If you like action adventure science fiction, and wild rides, you may enjoy The Loranth, and the other series books.

Any advice for other writers/indie authors out there?

Writing takes years to develop to the point of being an accomplished author. Have patience with yourself. Strive for perfection, but mostly, write about themes and characters you enjoy exploring. Best luck with your writing journey.

Thanks for the interview, Ch’Kara. Blessed be –







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