Works In Progress – Polar Heat by Simone Beaudelaire


Here is an excerpt from the soon to be released Polar Heat by my good friend Simone Beaudelaire. Definitely looking forward to reading this one.


By day, Russell Tadzea flies teachers around a remote Alaskan school district, but at night he roams the virgin timber… as a polar bear.  He’s content with his solitary life, until he meets the new kindergarten teacher. Young, pretty and haunted by untold fears, Riley stirs his bear’s desire, and his human need to protect… and to love. Can he win the trust of this fearful, desirable creature? Or will the monster in Riley’s past risk his claws and snatch his mate right from under his muzzle?


A ghost of a smile crossed her features. She smiled so rarely, as though the weight of whatever kept her subconscious in this frozen prison made a smile too heavy to bear. And yet, when he did manage to elicit a grin, it turned her already pretty face into something irresistible. I won’t be able to control myself around her much longer. I hope she’s ready when the time comes.

“So, Russ. Did I see what I thought I saw, or was I dreaming?” she asked, and his control took another battering as a spark of mischief flared in her eyes.

“I don’t know,” he prevaricated. “What do you think you saw?”

“I think,” she replied, “that I saw my friend Russell Tadzea strip himself naked in front of me… and turn into a bear.”

Russell took a deep breath. “You’re not wrong. You weren’t dreaming. Can you accept that?”

“Here I can,” she replied. “I know I’m dreaming. I can pretend shape shifters are just figments of a lonely girl’s imagination.”

“Do you really think it’s necessary to pretend that?” he asked. “I’ve wanted for quite a while to tell you the truth. To let you see who I really am.”


“You know why, Riley.” His hand still lingered on her face, and so it was easy to lift her chin and lower his lips to hers.




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