Meet the Characters – M’nacht from Sunstone

Today’s character for you is a wonderful man called M’nacht from a book which I loved, called Sunstone, by my good friend Holly Barbo.


Corruption meets revolution in this steampunk thriller

Before there was a history, the sun goddess Navora visited a moon within her realm that held primitive ocean life. She dipped her staff of power into the primordial sea and stirred. Pleased with what she had wrought, she departed, not at all troubled that a divine spark had touched two small dying sea creatures.

As centuries pass, life on the moon develops into a geothermal steam-powered industrial age. A triumvirate of politicians, banks and corporations bring strain and suffering to the masses they rule over. Unbeknownst to the people of the moon, there may be help. With the gears of time evermoving and trouble spiraling to a crisis point, can three individuals and a handful of fossils prevent a violent revolution?

Meet Characters



M’nacht comes to the story as the adopted father of the main character, Kes. He is a man in his mid to late sixties and is from an old wealthy family. His privileged position in Myrn’s class system allows him to have the hyphenated name.

The old gentleman’s physical characteristics are: a lean but fit frame, a full head of white hair, bushy eyebrows, eyes that sparkle with intelligence and slightly stooped shoulders.

There were three people pivotal people in his life as young man. His boyhood friend, Quin, was the son of his family’s cook and gardener. The two grew up together and when Quin had the opportunity to leave and explore a trade of his own he opted to stay with M’nacht as his valet, majordomo and companion.

The second person was the love of his life: his wife Des’rae. They had a few blissfully happy years but she and their child died in childbirth. He never remarried.

The third was a promising lad who was outshining all of his contemporaries in the field of astro-science. M’nacht mentored him and a deep friendship developed. Davvos became a lifelong friend and partner in their research work. When the young man’s’ wife died in a tragic accident M’nacht stepped in as a family friend and brought Davvos and his young son Kes into his activities and outings. When Kes was a teen his father was fatally injured in a traffic accident and the boy moved in with M’nacht. The two got along well and loved each other as if they’d always been family. Kes was the son M’nacht never had and he adopted the boy.

Though M’nacht was born to privilege he had always surrounded himself with people he enjoyed being around regardless of their financial or societal standing. Because of this the old gent was more aware of what was happening with the people of Myrn than many of his class and was appreciated by the people of their world.

At the time of the story M’nacht is the Science Coordinator and liaison to the governing body: The Council of Elders. A small spoiler: M’nacht is one of the three chosen by the Goddess Navora as a host to a Sunstone.






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