First Chapters – Halcyon Nights by Jean Kilczer

Today’s First Chapter is from Halcyon Nights, Book two in the Star Sojouner series by my good friend Jean Kilczer.

Jean Halcyon NightsDESCRIPTION

When astrobiologist Jules Rammis returns to Earth after saving the Terran colony on planet Tartarus from a demented member of the Loranth race, he hopes to spend some quiet time with his six-year-old daughter Lisa whom, he finds, has inherited his own telepathic skills.

Their plans change when a powerful denizen of planet Halcyon summons them both to his pristine world to destroy a Terran ravager, the Dream Czar of Halcyon. Jules, reluctant to take his daughter with him on such a dangerous mission, soon learns that the alien will not take no for an answer. After the infuriated creature threatens to kill them both and destroy the treacherous community of Terrans on Halcyon, Jules has no other option but to accept the mission.

Will Jules be able to keep her daughter safe, to complete the mission and save the inhabitants of Halcyon before it’s too late?


Through canyons of space.
The Kubraen Spirit scanned for one remote planet, his telepathic senses guided by crystals stolen from him and taken to that world, his heart more desolate than the measureless chasms between the galaxy’s silver arms.

Searching, he brushed the minds of peoples on many spheres, far from where his body lay, enmeshed in the mantle of his own world, a world that revolved with four others around a yellow sun. As though peeling back the layers of the galaxy, he stretched the limits of his tel power and threaded between stars, through swirling nebulae where new star systems emerged, and circumvented the insistent drag of black holes.

There! he thought.

As though retrieving a silver pearl that shone through black depths, a quiver of joy crossed his vast body and softened the bleakness within him as his tel senses brushed the star he had tracked. With the stolen crystals as beacons, he unveiled the system’s third planet and scanned the minds of its dominant species.

Among the rare telepaths he probed, he located the two beings he sought. The one he would teach to manipulate the minds of the creature’s own race, the other, a young tel, the daughter, would develop that rare ability to move the elements themselves. Both were needed to fulfill his plan.

Alone with the great sadness in his soul, the Kubraen Spirit waited for the man to dream….






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