Excerpt Promotion – Dragon Blade by J.D. Hallowell

Today’s excerpt is from an awesome book called Dragon Blade by fellow author J.D. Hallowell.  This is book two in the War of Blades series.  The first is called Dragon Fate, I highly recommend this series and if you love dragons you will definitely love these books.

Dragon Blade - J.D. HallowellDESCRIPTION

Swords forged by dragon magic. Ancient rivalries flaring into all-out war. Dragon Riders caught up in a clash of hidden powers. A world hangs in the balance.

Dragon Blade, the final book in The War of the Blades, is the epic sequel to the story begun in Dragon Fate. DelnoOkonan, his draconic bond-mate, Geneva, and their allies among the Dragons and Riders are once again caught up in events controlled by unseen forces. They must uncover the real secrets behind the death of a senior Dragon Rider and the sudden rise of the Roracks, ancient enemy of dragons and men, to defeat a threat that could destroy them all and leave the world they know forever altered.

Alexandra Butcher called it “an excellent follow-up to Dragon Fate that continues the adventures of Delno and his friends as they seek to thwart machinations which will lead to war and tyranny. The wars and battles were dealt with in a believable and not overly gratuituous way. The ending and politics were dealt with well [and] I found a distinct environmental message in the story.”


As he skidded to a halt outside the mage’s door, he could hear Jhren’s angry voice coming from inside.

“Damn it, I said I don’t want you here, you pointy-eared meddler.”

“Well, I certainly didn’t want to come and listen to your verbal abuse either, you cantankerous windbag,” Nat’s voice shot back.

“You can just leave,” Jhren replied.
“I could,” Nat responded, “but I promised Delno that I would try and see you.”

“You’ve seen me; now go; your promise is fulfilled.”

“I promised to see you as a healer.”

“I don’t want any of your elven magic practiced on me,” Jhren shouted.
“I don’t practice elven magic; I practice medicine by scientific methods.” Nat retorted just as loudly. Delno had never heard the half-elf raise his voice like this.

“Really,” Jhren spat out, “what do you know about scientific method?”

“I have been studying and practicing medicine by scientific method most of my life,” Nat responded.

“When you pass your ninetieth birthday we can talk about how long that is,” Jhren retorted.

Nat laughed out loud.

“What’s so funny?” the mage demanded.

“I passed my ninetieth birthday nearly fifty years ago,” Nat replied. “Furthermore, I have been studying medicine since before you were even a twinkle in your father’s eye, old wizard.






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