Coming Soon – Tendrils by Holly Barbo

My friend Holly Barbo is soon to release a short story collection called Tendrils, I have read one of these stories and am looking forward to the rest.  There are a total of 14 stories in the collection, including one flash fiction. The collection will be released within a couple of weeks. 4 out of 14 of the stories have won in short story contests, one of which has won first place!   I will re-post when it is up on Amazon.

Holly Tendrils coverDESCRIPTION

Stories come from any number of places. One could start from a memory, a photo in a magazine or from pondering a news item and wondering, “What if?”

This collection arose from that sort of random stimuli. Some are pure imagination of science fiction or fantasy. Others, though developed from random historical facts or the disturbing news stories of war-torn regions.

Each story has coalesced from “What if” to “What is.”





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