New Cover Release – The Empty Hands by Jean Kilczer

Today I have a New Cover Release for you for The Empty Hands by my friend Jean Kilczer.

The Empty Hands


In the year 2054, the ruling fundamentalist Christian Church does not encourage its great artists; it mind-wipes them.

Living in Rome, young August T. McGarrett, the talented son of an alcoholic father, wants desperately to gain love and recognition through his art. But his paintings of “Michelangelo style” nudes are strictly forbidden by the repressive Church.

When Church Minister Simon Di Luca threatens to have him mindwiped, a frightened August tries to stop painting. Instead, he finds that art is his life and soul. He continues to paint, and things take a turn for the worse.

Seven years later, August meets and falls in love with a beautiful, young revolutionary woman who wants him to paint propaganda posters that condemn the Church. August agrees, but fate has other twists in store for the young artist.






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