Kraken’s Keep by Jean Kilczer

I am pleased to bring you another book Kraken’s Keep, by my friend Jean Kilczer.

Krakens Keep


A routine dive to reinforce bridge columns turns deadly for marine biologist Tess Hoffman and her commercial-diver boyfriend Ryan Culley when they are attacked by
a monstrous underwater creature never before seen.

The quest to study this dangerous deep-sea denizen throws Tess and Culley together with a crew of very different and fascinating characters, from Tess, who has a problem with long-term commitment, to Culley, a hero in disguise and the true leader of this quirky pack: to George, the brilliant scientist and compulsive eater, to Phil, with his harsh military mindset, to Mini, an African-American beauty who towers over the others and has a soft spot for short, pudgy George, to Captain Brad, whose boyfriend, Harley Davidson, back on shore, has a roaming eye for a nice tush, to religious Ramon.

The results of their quest for the Kraken turns sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, sometimes erotic as each individual, along with his and her varied attitudes, tries to live together within the confines of the research vessel.

But the encounters with this newly discovered sea creature are always
 dangerous and surprising. You’ll want to know what they’re all about: the Krakens, the individuals who try to understand them, and themselves, and each other.






5 responses to “Kraken’s Keep by Jean Kilczer

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  2. Kraken’s Keep is a wonderfully exciting read! A science fiction novel and love story combined. Author Jean Kilczer has the most astounding and vivid imagination around. I can’t wait to see her ratings bounce her to the top of the market! Jean Kilczer is a reader of Shakespeare, and the quality of her writing shows it–without diminishing by one whit her ability to describe alien species, while writing with suspense, action, poetry, tragedy and comedy. You’ve got to read this amazing book yourself to see what I mean.

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