Halloween Promotion – Darkness Calls by Kirsten Campbell

I am starting off the Halloween month with a collection of short stories & verse, Darkness Calls by author Kirsten Campbell.

Kristen Campbell 2015 Darkness Calls book cover



Ghosts, ghouls, angels, demons and UFO’s (unidentified flying objects). What do these five things have in common? These are the things that are a reality to some and a fantasy to others; they create panic or elation and there are thousands of stories of each floating around in the cosmos.

Darkness Calls is a different kind of short fiction book because there is an element of surprise in the book! There’s a question that must be answered by the reader at the end of the book; which two stories are true? Yes, two of the stories are true, cross my heart and hope to fry! I have had many strange experiences in my life and lucky me, I have eye witnesses that were there when said experiences happened. I have several more stories to write, some of which are true and some-not so true, but they are interesting. So, it’s up to you, the reader, to guess which stories are true.

Once you have finished reading all the stories, go to kirstencampbellbooks.com and send an email to me with the subject line, Darkness Calls True Stories. In the body of the email, write in bold letters the question, “Which stories are true?” Please type your thoughts under the questions and let me know which stories you believe are true and then send the email to me. I will answer you and tell you whether you guessed correctly. If you get them right, you get book swag!

I’m willing to bet that most people won’t guess the correct stories. They won’t believe that any of them could be true; but two of them are. I wrote every detail down for your entertainment and enlightenment. Enjoy Darkness Calls. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future…







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