New Release – The Siege of New Terra by Jean Kilczer

Today I have a new release for you, The Siege of New Terra, book seven in the Star Sojourner Series, by my good friend Jean Kilczer.

Siege of New Terra



The Siege of New Terra is a stand-alone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read the previous books in the Star Sojourner series.

Jules Rammis – telepath, astrobiologist, reluctant adventurer – is up to his ears in trouble again.

In ‘Siege’, Jules pits himself against Big Mack, the brutal Terran leader of a pack of mercenaries who are bent on exterminating the gentle Orghes, natives of planet New Terra, so Terran colonists can take over the land.

Jules must use his Tel powers, and his wits, to stop the mercenaries. It’s no easy task but our hero, who lives by his code of honor, is nothing if not resourceful. But without his loyal team behind him, he would’ve never made it this far.

Joe Hatch, the crafty older leader, is acting father to our reckless hero, who drives Joe crazy with his refusal to take orders. Chancey, a black Harlem tag, is Jules’ good friend and a formidable fighter. Bat, the mild-mannered Southern medic, chases after the team with his medkit and is always a willing ear as Jules’ confidant. Huff, the favorite of many followers of the series, is a Vegan alien who resembles a Polar bear.

Huff’s loyalty to Jules is deep and steadfast. A powerful predator, this simple, wise soul takes everything literally. Saved for last, but certainly not least, is Jules’ love interest: exotic, capable, beautiful, and well-grounded Sophia Rella, who refuses to stay behind and miss out on all the fun.

Join the wild ride. It will take you to places you’ve never seen before.






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