Halloween Promotion – Wicked After Dark

Today’s Halloween Promotion is for Wicked After Dark, a paranormal romance anthology by a talented group of authors.  It’s currently at a bargain price so now is the time to buy.

ANGELA WickedAfterDark_3DCover


Wicked After Dark: 20 Steamy Paranormal Tales of Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters, Witches, Angels, Demons, Fey, and More

20 Hot-As-Hell stories from your favorite USA Today best selling and award-winning authors just in time for Halloween!
All proceeds to benefit The Epilepsy Foundation.

Mina Carter – The Reaper and the Cop 
Death’s big business. For Laney Larson, it’s a full time job.

Julia Mills – Her Dragon to Slay
Men that change into dragons and dead men wielding knives was NOT the weekend Kyndel had planned.

Stephanie Rowe – Darkness Unleashed 
Passion heats up between a dangerous rogue and the angel he was meant to save…or destroy.

PM Briede – Spark
Who knew an actual soul existed beneath the skin of this monster I let myself become.

Jami Brumfield – Remote Paranoia 

Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep, that is when the assassins come out to play.

Claudy Conn – Dark Love 
Chazma wants revenge against the dark sorcerer who slaughtered her parents–but will Jethro McBain get in her way?

Eden Elsworth – Frippe House 

Having inherited the estate of her Great-Aunt Alice, Becky soon finds the mysterious Frippe House is hiding some dark secrets.

Nicole Garcia – A Love for Somnus 
Can Somnus and Lailani’s hearts be mended? Or will it be too late to heal the wounds that have scarred them both?

Lane Hart – Let Him Reign 
Born a prince of the underworld, Eric can’t escape his legacy after his father is murdered and all hell breaks loose around him.

Tracey Jane Jackson – Bound by Fire
Pepper’s world is set on its axis when she discovers she’s fated to be with Connall, her very own immortal Viking.

Melanie James – Conjuring Darkness
Sparks fly as Lexi and Ryan race against time to save the world from long forgotten demons.

Gena D. Lutz – Chasing Magic
Anika finds herself battling a volatile spell, where all bets are off, and magic will fly.

Michelle Mankin – Strange Magic Part I, II 
A rock star, a mysterious woman and a little bit of strange magic.

Marie Mason – You Lucky Witch
The last thing bounty hunter Roark needed was a spell-challenged witch helping him find an escaped demon.

A K Michaels – The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire 
Sparks fly when runaway Witch, Peri, falls into the arms of ancient Vampire, Josef, and his friend, Gabe, a cheeky Wolf.

Angela Snyder – Vampire Next Door 
After a mysterious man moves next door, Jane begins to wonder if he is really a stranger or the key to unlocking her past.

Candice Stauffer – Exquisite Breath of Darkness 
Being immortal, Joseph had never paid attention to time, but now it consumes his every thought because he’s running out of it.

Melissa Stevens – Change 
Nickie’s entire world changes when she learns that not only do shifters exist, but she is one.

Izzy Szyn – Bite Thy Neighbor 
He wants more than a cup of sugar?

C.A. Tibbitts – Shifter In Training 
Forrest got more than he bargained for when he joined the DEA Shifter Division.






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