New Release – The Stars Like Ice by Jean Kilczer

Today I have another New Release for you from my friend Jean KilczerThe Stars Like Ice is book eight in the Star Sojourner series.

Stars Like Ice


The Stars Like Ice is a stand-alone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read the previous books in the Star Sojourner series.

Jules Rammis, intrepid astrobiologist and telepath, receives a desperate call from his good buddy Huff, a marsupial denizen of planet Kresthaven. He’s hiding from the fanatical religious crusaders whose leader, Lord Aburra, would use any means to gain control of the Slatties, Huff’s people in the frozen north of the planet.

Jules and his team arrive and search for Huff, but encounter instead an alliance of bizarre sea and land aliens waging a fierce civil war against Lord Aburra’s forces. Jules, ever the honorable hero, convinces the team, which includes hard-bitten leader Joe Hatch, black Harlem-born Chancey Jones who would challenge the devil himself; mild-mannered Bat, the Southern medic who forever chases after his teammates with a medkit, and Jules’ lifemate, exotic, head-strong Sophia Rella, to help overthrow Lord Aburra.

But as the conflict rages, Jules wonders if he’s dragged his team into a no-win situation that could result in the death of them all.






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