Halloween Promotion – Blood Master by Kirsten Campbell

Today’s Halloween Promotion is for Blood Master, book one of the GODs series, by fellow author Kirsten Campbell.

KIRSTEN Campbell Blood Master Adult Book Cover  062014

The perfect Halloween read!

Blood Master – Book 1 of The G.O.D.s Series has 25 reviews with 4.7 out of 5 stars!

Griffin Storm is an albino man with the ability to manipulate glass and crystal. He cares for the abandoned children of Underground Atlanta. He’s kidnapped by the Brotherhood. They believe he’s the prophesied one that will transform into a G.O.D., a Genetically-enhanced Omni Dimensional being that has doors to heaven and hell in his chest., a being known as a Blood Master. Do you believe in G.O.D.s? Read Blood Master. You will believe…


2052: The Great War, the Clover Virus and the Death Plague have killed off two-thirds of the human population. The remaining people are broken up into factions to survive. One man survived the Death Plague, an albino man named Griffin Storm. He’s the only albino in existence. No one knows what happened to the other albinos, but most believe the rumors that they were eliminated by the Guild Faction’s deadly experiments.

Griffin is hiding out in Underground Atlanta. He has special abilities. He can manipulate crystal and glass. He uses these abilities for good, raiding warehouses and old buildings for food and medical supplies to give to the abandoned children that live in the Underground. During a raid, he meets Tassta Vinetti. She’s a resident of the legendary Brotherhood Fortress. Griffin is taken to the Brotherhood and chaos ensues as Tassta, her twin brother Penn and her Uncle Lerin Sanctobous keep their new visitor and his untold powers secret. They can not disclose that the only albino in existence is now at their fortress or they could all be in great danger.

Fact is, the Guild is hunting Griffin. He is the only survivor of their deadly experiments and his survival will have dynamic consequences. The Guild believes Griffin will transform into a G.O.D., a Genetically-enhanced Omni Dimensional being. If he transforms, he will have inter-dimensional doors within his body, doors that lead to heaven and hell. Griffin will become a Blood Master and he’ll be able to control the demons from the Dimension of Blood.

Will Griffin save the children of the Underground from their tragic life? Will he transform into a G.O.D. and become the Blood Master? Only time will tell…







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