New Release – First Contact by T. Jackson King

Today I have a new release for you, First Contact, book one in the Retread Shop series, by my friend T. Jackson King.

FIRST CONTACT is the story of humanity’s First Contact with Aliens in the year 2050, as told from the POV of the Aliens. In fact, eight Alien species arrive on an asteroid starship, and the decision of Sargon the werewolf-like Alien to turn their sublight starship toward Earth creates conflict, disputes and debate among the Aliens. But the Alien arguments get even more complex once they arrive in the solar system and meet up with humans. 

First Contact


Greed is universal among all species. Which is why Sargon of the Horem turns the asteroid starship Hekar toward a small yellow star, hoping for a productive First Contact with the Human species. But his decision is controversial among the other aliens occupying the starship. The Arrik flyers are convinced that any new First Contact must be done using overwhelming military force. Sargon’s own people favor a secretive entry to Sol system with a period of covert observation. The six other alien species living on the asteroid starship have their own motivations for seeking Trade with a new species, and debate rages among them as Hekar nears Sol. But the controversy and conflict among the Aliens of the Compact is minor compared to the reaction of Human nations, corporations, religions and individuals. It becomes the job of Jack Harrigan, CNN newsman, and Sargon to convince humanity that greed is more profitable than interstellar war!






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