Excerpt Promotion – The Loranth by Jean Kilczer

I am going to bring a series of excerpts for you beginning today with The Loranth, the first in The Star Sojourner series by my friend Jean Kilczer.

JEAN Loranth


While searching for the missing link among the mammal life of planet Tartarus, Jules finds more than what he was searching for among the great reptiles of this primal world. Deep beneath the surface, a spectacular culture of intelligent life forms quietly roams the sunken seas. After walking into the lair of a demented member of the species, Jules finds out that the creature plans to destroy humankind and intends to use him as a weapon.

Jules is thrown in a battle against an enemy with staggering telepathic powers and the ability to destroy entire worlds; even Earth. Will he prevail, or succumb when pitted against these impossible odds?

The Loranth is the first book in Jean Kilczer’s Star Sojourner series, a science fiction adventure. If you enjoy unique, well-written scifi with believable characters, you will love the Star Sojourner series.

Begin reading this fascinating science fiction adventure today!



I don’t know what I expected as I approached the Loranth’s pool. I no longer cared. Water was life. That’s all.

But I paused when he lifted his bulbous head. It was large, white, rubber smooth. Where eyes should have been if he were a natural creature of light, there were only pinhole patterns circling his head, like pits lining bodies of electric eels. My stomach churned. I saw the snakelike curve of a long upper lip. On either side of his head, low, fanlike gills protruded from folds of lumpy skin. He stayed low in the water, to keep his gills wet, I think. Mercifully the rest of him was submerged.

He was not mammalian and I was glad.

Christine was on her knees near the water’s edge, lighting wicks that floated in bowls filled with oil.

I went to the pool, fell on my stomach and brushed aside foam. Silver creatures wiggled away as I drank. I hardly noticed the chemical taste or the bitter coating in my throat.

By the time I sat back and stared at the Loranth, I was His creature. Perhaps it was a neurochemical secreted from his body into the water, a chemical that attacked the nervous system or the brain itself and broke down will.

I pressed my hands over my eyes as thoughts, concerns, the sense of self sloughed off and left me empty and open to his mindlink. There came a warm sense of wholeness. I don’t know how else to describe it. But in that delicate balance of imagined fulfillment and freedom from pain and fear there came joy. And I knew His mindlink was love.






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