New Release – The Elevator by Sam Kates

Today I am bringing you a New Release, The Elevator, a Dark Fantasy by my friend Sam Kates.  Sam has also given us an excerpt to give us a taste.



The Elevator – a long novella (or short novel) – dark fantasy with elements of science fiction and mild horror. Oh, and there’s an appearance by a dragon.



An ordinary elevator. An ordinary morning.

Four people step into the elevator and it begins to ascend. Just another dreary day in the office, they think.

Until the door opens…




“Thanks, Tara,” I said.

She shrugged again. “Don’t go thinking we’re all mates here. As soon as that door opens onto what it’s supposed to, I’ll go to my sales meeting and blank all this—and you people—from my mind.”

“Oh, nice,” said Kim.

“Nah,” said Jack, without looking up. “She’s got the right idea. None of this can be real so treat it as a dream or something.”

“The blood on my hands is real,” I said.

“And your nose,” added Kim.

“And your head.”

Where the flying creatures had yanked out strands of Kim’s hair, bloody gaps showed. A trickle of blood, now dried, had run down to above her eyebrow.

“And that gunk on your binder is real,” said Kim to Tara.

Jack made a high-pitched sound and I glanced at him. He stared past me, his newfound poise gone.

“You telling me that’s real?” he said.

He held out a shaky finger, pointing out of the door.





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