New Release – Warlord’s Flame by L W Browning

Today I have a New Release for you, Warlord’s Flame, book two in the Krystile Warriors, by my friend L.W.Browning.  I have read book one Warlord’s Honor and it’s awesome.

Warlord's Flame (Krystile Warriors Book 2) by [Browning, L. W.]



Everyone is deserving of love. Var and Bess are not so sure.

Scarred Warlord Var is sent to rescue an empath with extra abilities, but Bess only wants to get away from him after a misunderstanding convinces her he plans to sell her to her death.

Danger lurks around every bend in this ill-fated mission and Bess becomes convinced that a mistake she made caused all the empaths to be hunted and killed.

Var and Bess battle each other and their own insecurities as well as dangerous circumstances and betrayals to escape to the sanctuary he promised her.

In the end, the passion they feel for each other cannot be denied and they’re forced to forgive each other and themselves and take the final ultimate risk for love.







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