December/Christmas Promotion – Treasured Legacy By Holly Barbo

Today’s promotion is for Treasured Legacy, a quick read Book Six, by my friend Holly Barbo.

Treasured Legacy from scrnsht




A contemporary suspense steeped in history

With dwindling time, Leone uses the last of her strength to share important family history with her only living relative: her grandson David. Despite her final request to not sell the family heirlooms, David and Anne look into it because of their desperate need for money. But the pieces have secrets and the young couple finds themselves in unexpected danger.




When David arrived home, he slipped his computer bag off his shoulder and coming up behind his wife, he gave her a hug. “Dinner smells good honey! How was your day?”

She turned around in his arms, returning the hug, but held on, unwilling to separate.

He leaned back and tilted her chin up, studying her face. “What happened today at the museum? Is this about the three pieces Grandma Leone told us about?”

She nodded mutely then ducked her head under his chin and breathed his scent deeply. Pulling out of his arms, she put the dishes on the small kitchen table and poured two glasses of wine. “Dinner is ready. While you wash up, I’ll lock the door and pull the curtains for the night. There is much to tell you.”

He gave her a baffled glance as he went to the sink to do as she requested. “And the wine?”

“Well, it was either that or whiskey and I thought that would dull the senses too much.”

He eased into his chair as he contemplated her words. Taking a swallow of wine, he reached across the table. “Okay. Take a bite first. You look pale.”







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