New Release – Deadly Geezer By T. Jackson King

Today I have a new release for you by my friend T. Jackson KingDeadly Geezer is book two in the Transcendent series.  They are on  my TBR list and I look forward to reading them.

Deadly Geezer



Jack Hansen has survived the white flash that turned him into a Transcendent, a near-immortal with mind powers that allow him to stop a heart, burn up a mugger in a fireball or melt down a killer into a puddle of flesh and bones. But survival was just the beginning. More Princes of Blackness pursue him and try to possess his buddies, his children and his ex-wife. His battles against the Realm of Blackness take him to Hawai’i, Denver, Philadelphia, New York City, Albuquerque and into outer space. Even with the help of mentors Jack is faced with a stark choice—should he just fight local evil? Or should he try to destroy the Realm of Blackness from which flows all forms of supernatural evil?







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