New Release – Girl Magic By T. Jackson King

Today I have a New Release for you Girl Magic, book one of the Girl Magic series, by my friend T. Jackson King. I am looking forward to reading this one.

Girl Magic by [T. Jackson King]

Janie Wilmott never believed her granny’s tales of magic and supernatural creatures. Until the night she is attacked by a vampire. And discovers she is an Absorber witch able to take into herself all the powers of any supernatural being who tries to harm her. A side benefit is the two foot tall black bat Abner who announces he is her familiar. The fun part of being a youngling witch are the supernatural friends she makes. Like the gnome Dirt and the ogre Mayhem the Terrible. But when deadly supernatural creatures come hunting for her, Janie needs all her friends and her new abilities–in between serving meals at Cafe Tribal! GIRL MAGIC is a great PWF tale featuring a 20 year old Goth girl in Boulder, Colorado.




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