New Release – Where A Demon Hides by Thomas Watson

Today I have a New Release for you by my friend Thomas Watson, Where A Demon Hides: War of the Second Iteration – Coda, which sounds awesome, definitely on my TBR list, Thomas has very kindly given us a taste with an excerpt.

The war is over and Humanity has prevailed, but victory came at a terrible price. The weapon used to bring down the enemy killed or injured as many people as it saved. One of the unintended casualties, Alicia MacGregor, has existed in a medically induced coma for two years while her neurological injuries were repaired.

At last, to the relief of family and friends, the time has come for her to awaken and rejoin the world. She is healed physically, but the trauma she endured in that final battle left deep scars in her heart and mind. As she copes with the burden of horror and grief left by the war, Alicia discovers that she is haunted by something far worse than bad memories. Something that first threatens her sanity, and then her life.

Alicia awoke to nothing.

There was only the awareness of self, beyond which – nothing. She was frightened and confused. Lost. There were no boundaries; nothing contained her. She was open and vulnerable with no way to hide. For some reason, she very much wanted to conceal herself, but her self was all there was. There was nowhere to go.

Memories flickered at the edge of her fear, just within reach, and she clutched at them. They were horrible, the stuff of nightmares, but they were better than nothing — almost. Mind-shattering pain and a blinding light behind her eyes. She felt screaming rage mingled with tearing grief. And then she was dead. She was sure of this, so sure of her personal extinction that awareness was a painful shock. She existed and remembered, but the memories were brief and then, once again, there was – nothing.



Terror surged through her and threatened to become madness, a ripped and ragged edge to her raw sense of self. But before it could fully grip her there was a voice. A familiar voice, in her and around her, much beloved. Hope swelled within the terrible, formless nothingness of it all. Alicia yearned toward that voice.

“Alicia, wake up,” it said. “Please, it’s time. Wake up. Come back to me.”

She heard, but she could not respond. Alicia wanted so very much to answer that voice. And yet with hearing alone came a sudden sense of true existence, a jumbled awareness of her own physical form; it all felt disconnected. She was exhausted. Bone-deep weariness filled the disparate bits of her. There was relief at feeling such things, feeling anything at all; relief so intense it verged on painful, and nearly overwhelmed her. The voice went on, pleading, and she knew the speaker. It was Robert, her husband, who for some reason she thought was dead. But no, that was their ara’sana. That was Holm, taken by the silver Faceless swarm, dead and gone.

“Alicia,” said Robert. “Please.”

She felt a gentle touch to the side of her face, a soft, warm pressure that stroked her cheek. With that touch, the constant undercurrent of terror receded. Alicia drew a breath, aware that she could see a dim, reddish glow. Light through closed eyelids. It was a moment before she could remember how to open her eyes, but at last she managed, blinking as a world of faintly colored blurs seemed to swirl around her. They steadied, but remained unfocused, and Alicia realized there were people leaning over her. She counted three of them, although she could see nothing in detail. Having succeeded in a small way with her eyes, Alicia reached for her voice. That worked, but not nearly as well her eyes.

“Rob?” she whispered. She wondered if she had even spoken aloud.

“Here, my love,” he replied. “I’m right here.”

She still couldn’t focus her eyes, but her ears worked well enough, and she could tell from his voice that Robert was crying. Her mind sent the command to raise her arm, but her body did not respond. The weariness filled her with irresistible dead weight and held her firmly in place.

“Don’t try to move just yet,” said another familiar voice, although this one she could not at first identify. There was a flute-like, musical quality over and behind the words she heard in her head. A voice being translated. It was a soothing, pleasant sound. Not Human, she was sure of that much, and she was vaguely irked that she couldn’t recall the name for those with such voices. The flute voice spoke again, with Human words sliding through it from the translation system, providing meaning. “You have been asleep for a very long time. Now you must be at ease and rediscover yourself.”

“How? Long?”

There was a pause before she received a reply from Robert.

“Just short of two years.”



New Release – Missals From the Dark by Shel Calopa

A new release by my friend Shel Calopa, Missals from the Dark is the second book in the series and is sci-fi/dystiopian with a dragon, what more could you want.

A dragon-riding AI may hold the balance in a twisted Australia, where the sky is freezing and old foes are rising.

‘Letters from the Light is one of my favourite sci-fi books with its compelling characters and twisting plot. I was, therefore, first in line to read the sequel, Missals from the Dark. Bravo for another 5-star sci-fi wonder.’ Caroline Noe, author of the Canellian Eye series.

Following the Light War, Aggy is working hard to restore peace to Australis. Only, the climate is failing, a dragon-riding android is trying to kill her, and old enemies are working to bring back the days when light was rationed, and disabilities inflicted for control. Can Aggy unite the disparate races once again? If only she had more letters from the Light to guide her. Perhaps help is closer than she thinks.

Missals from the Dark is the stunning sequel to the dystopian sci-fi novel Letters from the Light.

‘The melange of ethnicities and cultures blended with concerns that reflect, all too glaringly, our own real-world problems was brilliant. I hope there’s a sequel to Letters from the Light, I’d love to know what happens next!’ TK Toppin, author of the Jax Marlin series.



New Release – Wings of Memories Past by Lisa Williamson

A new release Wings of Memories Past, by my friend Lisa Williamson. This book has trigger warnings.

We all have memories of our past. Decisions made that we regret or those made for us. Laura has lived a hard life since she, her mother and brother left her father. She works hard to help support her family and doesn’t believe that life will change. When someone from her forgotten memories returns, will she be able to deal with what it means? How is this handsome young man and why does he seem so familiar? Can she take a chance and hope that her future will be very different from her past?

trigger warnings: This book has fantasy combat, mentions of child abuse and torture and has sexual situations.



New Release – Life Is A Highway by Simone Beaudelaire

New release by my friend Simone Beaudelaire. Life Is A Highway is a romantic suspense novel, just to let you know it has sex scenes and strong language. Simone’s books are always awesome and this is on my TBR list

It’s 1975 and the recession is waning, but for the small town of Beulah, Illinois, life will never be the same. An industrial accident has claimed the lives of five workers, leaving their wives and children struggling, and the company is fighting to deny their wrongful death payout.

Hi, I’m Janet and you might be wondering why I care. I run a bar, right? But my sister, Thea, is one of those widows. She’s struggling to raise two kids alone. I’m helping, along with my daughter Brandy and my boyfriend, Rick, but she’s still in a tough place. And while her attitude is starting to get on my nerves, she’s still my sister. I can’t leave her to face all these troubles alone.

To make matters worse, the manager isn’t done causing trouble. It may just be in everyone’s best interest if we make an unscheduled road trip to another state, where we can build a new life. All we want is a fresh start, far from the terrible memories. If we can survive the journey.

NOTE: This romantic suspense novella contains sexy scenes and strong language.



New Release – Captured in Flames by Susan Illene

New Release by my friend Susan Illene, Captured in Flame, Book 5 of the Dragon’s Breath Series. Loving this book so far. The whole series is awesome so if you love Fantasy and Dragons, you’ll love this.

Dragons arrived on Earth nearly a year ago, decimating modern civilization.

Bailey Monzac discovered she was born to slay them the day they appeared. Though she has ruthlessly killed hundreds since then, she somehow fell in love with Aidan—a dragon shifter—along the way. Their relationship hasn’t been easy, and it’s about to be tested again.

Bailey finally got an opportunity to leave Oklahoma and return to her family’s ranch in Texas. The catch is that she and Aidan must join a war against the pure dragons controlling the territory there. They’ll be facing their largest and fiercest enemies yet with overwhelming forces against them. As they prepare for battle, more obstacles emerge that could ruin their plans. Aidan is with Bailey no matter what it takes, but it’s going to be a difficult journey to finally reunite with her family and hold onto the man she loves.

Word count- 97,000 (approximate)



New Release – Demigod Magic By T. Jackson King

New Release Demigod Magic (Girl Magic Book 5) by my friend T. Jackson King. Tom writes amazing books so do yourself a favour and begin this series.

Janie the White witch is faced with new challenges due to her demigod status and her access to God Power magic. The Greek goddess Nemesis, who punishes mortals who show arrogance before the gods, attacks Janie. The Norse gods Thor and Odin appear to help her defeat Nemesis. As do the local vampires led by Master Brioc. Many adventures follow. Then Mother Earth captures her essence with a demand for her to reverse climate change. And no, Janie is not an eco-freak. But when the Mother Goddess of Earth dumps her green earth magic on you with a demand to ‘do something’ to stop her being poisoned and deforested, well, what’s a witch to do?



New Release – Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away by Will Macmillan Jones

Another awesome New Release from my friend Will Macmillan Jones. Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away, a Nautical Ghost Story (Red Kite Pocket Horror). Will always writes edge of your seat stories, so enjoy.

The sea has always fascinated me, and I grew up with a weakness for sea stories. I have always enjoyed ghost stories too, and the sea and the uncanny are wonderful bedfellows. Here are two stories about yachts that meet inclement weather where the Bristol Channel meets the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean – with very different results.




New Release – The Cellar in The Emporium By Will Macmillan Jones

Here is a new release of a short story, The Cellar in The Emporium a ghostly short story by my friend, Will Macmillan Jones. Will writes wonderful scary stories, not my usual read but I got hooked into a few of his books and they scared the heck out of me, really great reads.

A classic gothic horror short story set at the end of the nineteenth century. An unexpected inheritance brings a brother and sister ownership of an Emporium – but the Emporium hides a secret. Are they the only inhabitants? And why did the previous tenant warn against entering the cellar? Here lies a deadly mystery to be solved.




New Release – Eagle in Flight by Maggie Plummer

My friend Maggie Plummer has a new book out, Eagle in Flight, which is Book Three in The Jessie Morgan Series. You can now get it in ebook and paperback. Enjoy the whole series beginning with Bell Bottom Gypsy.

It’s May 1975 and Jessie needs to disappear.

In Book 3 of The Jessie Morgan Series, our heroine takes to the sea and to the rugged Stikine River, voyaging solo into the wilds of northern British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. Traumatized by her ex-boyfriend’s violent attack, Jess escapes to the remote, off-the-grid North Country – where she hopes he cannot find her.

She experiences true wilderness, works at an Alaska salmon-processing plant, has a few adventures on commercial fishing boats, and battles her post-assault fears. In Sitka, Jessie connects with a support group for battered women, and realizes that she is not alone in the struggle to heal.



New Release – Second Skin by Simone Beaudelaire

Today I have a New Release for you by my friend Simone Beaudelaire, Second Skin: A Paranormal Suspense Novel. I always get hooked in when I read Simone’s books, so enjoy.

Second Skin: A Paranormal Suspense Novel by [Simone Beaudelaire]

Elisa Monroe’s controlling husband Alex declares it’s time for them to buy a house and start a family, but Elisa doesn’t want either. He manipulates her into buying the house anyway, and she realizes that the only way to have a life that belongs to her is to leave him. But how?

Marshalling support from her colleagues, her therapist and domestic violence workers, Elisa begins the slow process of breaking free. But Alex is not willing to let her go, and he escalates from bullying to outright abuse, revealing that he is a much more dangerous creature than she could ever have imagined.

Will Elisa escape with her life? Or will what lies beneath the second skin finally devour her alive?

Trigger warning: This paranormal suspense novel contains scenes of reproductive rape and domestic violence. Reader discretion is advised.