Halloween Promotion – Waking Up Dead by Catherine Wolffe

Today’s promotion is for Waking Up Dead, book two in the Western Werewolf Legends, by author Catherine Wolffe.




The truth, Sonja Brooks understands is relevant. She’s a werewolf with a special ‘gift’ and faces danger at every turn. Now, the bloodsuckers stalk her family and the man she loves.

He vowed to protect his men despite the cost. Tyler Loflin must save them and Sonja from the threat of Yankee vampires. Seeking help from one of them will test his faith in the human he once knew and his own strength as a newly born werewolf.

Escaping to a better place, Ty and Sonja set out for Texas, but will the freedom and safety they seek elude them?


Catherine Wolffe Bio:

“Sparks fly as her stories come to life on the page.”  – Ally Thomas.  Join Catherine Wolffe for paranormal tales sure to entrance you.  From Werewolves in history to SEALS with special powers, fighting for each other, Catherine evokes men and women at the height of the struggle for good over evil. 








Halloween Promotion – Chill Bumps by Anthony Renfro

Today’s promotion is for Chill Bumps a collection of scary short stories by author Anthony Renfro.




6 Tales of Horror and Suspense

The Man from the Road: A man suddenly appears on a road. He’s lost, confused, no clue as to how he got there. He starts to walk and stops suddenly. There’s a bonfire in a field nearby. He sees people dancing around this fire. They are performing some kind of ritual. He turns to flee, but he’s captured. No chance of escape. He hopes he is only dreaming, because all of this seems a bit too real.

A Haunted House Tale: Five college students on Halloween night set out to discover the secrets of the town’s most infamous haunted house. Will these students live to see the morning or will this house claim five more victims?

Demon Energy: A short story about 1 man possessed and tormented by a 1000 demons who must fight for a soul he is starting to lose. Will he ever find salvation or is his body now an eternal host of hell?

SHe: A monster stalks the city of Tampa Bay. This monster is only attacking women taking only the one thing it needs. Tim Roberts, a detective, is hot on this monster’s trail. Will he catch this monster in time or will this monster feed until it has its fill? Be careful Tim, this monster has a secret yet to be revealed.

Devil at the Wheel: A Joyride in a Chevy Chevelle. The car was just sitting there for the taking. What could possibly go wrong? Vinnie and Mike are about to find out what can and will go wrong once they turn the key. Evil awaits.

Killer Treads: A short story about a man who sees a flashy ad online advertising a twenty dollar treadmill. He buys the machine, too cheap to be scared, and realizes much to his dismay that this machine has a taste for blood. Big Bob better run like his life depends on it because in many ways it does.



EXP: A Haunted House Tale

The passenger door opened.

Robert stumbled out of the car and into the busted, broken asphalt driveway. Weeds swished against his pants as he walked over to a nearby fountain and looked at it. In the center of this fountain was a moss-covered concrete statue of a kid on his knees about to roll a ball.

“Well, he’s out, better go after him,” Scott replied, pushing back the passenger seat so he could join his friend.

Kevin pulled the keys out of the ignition, and climbed out as well. Once outside the car, he leaned back in and looked at the girls. “We’ve come this far. Might as well see what all the fuss is about.”

The girls looked at each other as Kevin went around to the trunk and opened it up.

“What do you say, Suzy?”

“As long as you stay with me.”

“I’ll be right by your side, promise.”

“Let’s go then.”

The two girls climbed out of the car, and walked over to where Scott and Robert were standing in front of the fountain.

“Would you look at this place?” Kevin replied when he joined his friends.

“It is crazy scary,” Scott replied.

“Just the pot man. Come on. Let’s get the gear and get inside,” Kevin replied, walking back to the car.

His friends joined him a second later, and the gear was quickly swept up by all five of them. With gear in hand and five flashlights beaming, they walked over to the gate and stopped. This gate was attached to a silver rusty fence, which was broken in many spots as it made its way around the forgotten yard. Kevin pulled the gate open, and it let out a screech that sounded like a scream, as the rusty hinges were forced back into service. He stepped onto the broken sidewalk, which was mostly tall grass and weeds now, and led the way to the busted porch.



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Halloween Promotion – Amor Maldito by Simone Beaudelaire

Today’s promotion is for Amor Maldito a really great read from my friend Simone Beaudelaire.

Simone Amor Maldito Spanish.jpg



Evening in South Texas. The citrus scented breeze fans the palm fronds. Lovers linger in the growing darkness, hoping to steal a moment alone.
But their solitude is about to be shattered as legends of the Border come to life to claim new victims. Tragedy, love, terror and myth merge in this trio of tantalizing tales… 



Yesterday, in class, he’d noticed she’d drawn his name on her notebook and put a little heart around it. That was all the invitation Ethan Miller required. He’d been eyeing Yesenia Morales for weeks, wondering if he dared ask her out.

The pretty Mexican-American girl had been his tour guide when he’d arrived on the campus of The University of Texas- Pan American three months ago, freshly out of the Marine Corps and ready to use his G.I. Bill money to pursue his goal of becoming an engineer. From the first time he’d seen Yesenia, he’d been possessed by an attraction the likes of which he could not remember ever feeling, in all his twenty-two years of life.

As he sat in an uncomfortable seat in the recital hall, staring at the black velvet curtains covering the empty stage, he remembered the day. He’d driving around the campus for over an hour looking for parking, and had been reduced to using the Wal-Mart across the street. Muttering and grumbling in the heat, he’d jaywalked across the busy road, earning the ire of drivers, who honked, receiving a one-finger salute in response. At last he’d arrived, drenched with sweat and far from certain about his overall freshness, at the student services building, where his frustration had melted like a snow cone in the sun. A soft, girlish voice cut through the crowd, though the speaker was invisible.

“Okay, it’s time to go. I’m not waiting for anyone else. Hello, everyone. Welcome to The University of Texas- Pan American. My name is Yesenia, and I’ll be showing you around today. This is the student services building, as you might know. You can pay your bills, sign up for financial aid, and meet with advisors here. If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you the rest of campus.” The crowd parted to allow the young woman through, and at the sight of her, Ethan was instantly enthralled. Yesenia was not just pretty, she was gorgeous. She had shimmering black hair, pulled into two girlish braids. They hung over each shoulder, tied at the ends with little flowers.  She was tiny, not quite five feet. She was also slender, but had lovely curves, revealed just a little in a skimpy sundress that countered the blistering South Texas heat. He’d looked into her big brown eyes as she passed him, and was lost. Those eyes made him want to do something stupid, like write poetry.








Halloween Promotion – Demon’s Reach by Will Macmillan Jones

Today I have a New Release for you, it is currently available for pre-order. Demon’s Reach is book five in the Mister Jones Mysteries, by my friend Will Macmillan Jones.  This series is scary and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.   I will bring you the others at a later date.  It begins with The Showing.

Will Demons Reach



All families have secrets or skeletons in the cupboard, hidden away from view. Most of those secrets are better left undisturbed, for very good reasons. When Mister Jones agrees to deal with the Estate of a recently deceased cousin, he finds that the secrets hidden by his family are very dark indeed, and that the skeletons in this cupboard are very real – and not yet entirely dead.

Drawn once more by Fate into a world where magic and myth are all too real and danger lurks at every turn, Mister Jones confronts a past that seeks again to become the present, and to plunge his future into a rising Darkness.

Can he escape the Demon’s Reach?


When Mister Jones discovers that he has been asked to be executor of the Estate of a cousin he wasn’t aware he had, he thinks that the request is innocent, a family matter. But when he travels to his late cousin’s home, he finds that the local village is a dark place, full of mistrust of his family and with unsettling whispers of a dark past.

Indeed, his arrival is enough to spark of an attempt by the villagers to destroy part of his late cousin’s home – and the first death. The mystery deepens as another lost relative finds Mister Jones – but is she all that she seems?

His first visit to his late cousin’s house is almost his last, for Mister Jones finds first evidence of Black Magical Rituals among the effects in the house, and then discovers that a Demon still walks the grounds. The Demon makes herself known to more than just Mister Jones, and the body count rises. Joined by another relative stranger who reveals that she is his half-sister, Mister Jones struggles to unravel the web of deceit and mystery and uncover the truth – only to discover that his half-sister is more involved than he believed and that the plot centers around his presence, there in the house. He is to be a sacrificial victim, in a Ritual that will restore his long-lost father to life – at the expense of Mister Jones’.

Can Mister Jones’ half-sister bring herself to sacrifice the brother she doesn’t know, for the father she fears?





Halloween Promotion – The Lady In The Mist by Catherine Wolffe

Today’s promotion is for The Lady In The Mist, book one of The Western Werewolf Legend, by author Catherine Wolffe.




The Civil War took Sonja Brooks’ husband and left her alone. Unprotected and scared, she runs headlong into a life changing event when she’s attacked by a pack of wolves. Her fate as a werewolf is sealed. When she stumbles upon Ty Loflin, a Rebel soldier dying of his wounds, she nurses him back to health. He’s the perfect mate, but will he want her once he knows the truth?

In Book 1 of this new series by Award-winning author Catherine Wolffe, the Western Werewolf Legend weaves a new blend of steamy paranormal romance with historical elements involving werewolves and vampires.


Catherine Wolffe Bio:

“Sparks fly as her stories come to life on the page.”  – Ally Thomas.  Join Catherine Wolffe for paranormal tales sure to entrance you.  From Werewolves in history to SEALS with special powers, fighting for each other, Catherine evokes men and women at the height of the struggle for good over evil. 






Halloween Promotion – Darkness Waits by Simone Beaudelaire & Edwin Stark

Today’s promotion is for Darkness Waits a novel by my friends Simone Beaudelaire and Edwin Stark.

Simone Darkness Waits.jpg



Hunting for a creepy read this Halloween? Open the gate and cross the threshold into our haunted house of mixed tales horror. Sample a variety of nightmarish visions. From ghosts to ghouls, mutants to monsters and every kind of bloodsucker in between, The Darkness Waits offers a creature for every taste.

Will you dare open the gate?







Halloween Promotion – Deliberate Intent by Catherine Wolffe

Today’s promotion is for Deliberate Intent, book two of Shadow Company by author Catherine Wolffe.




Katie Tibideaux, a small town pharmacist and Duke Taylor, a rodeo cowboy, drifter and ex-SEAL ignite the sheets with the attraction between them. Reality takes a bite out of their world when shadow walkers attack once more. This time their best friends, Aubrie Sinclair and Logan Latimar face criminal charges and are on the run. It’s left up to Duke and Katie to find the truth. Can Katie convince Duke she has what it takes to follow him into danger?