Ostara in Southern Hemisphere – Mabon in Northern Hemisphere

Many blessings to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere as we celebrate Ostara with the changing season. The cold weather is still around, although the days are getting longer, stay safe in this covid time, we here in Victoria are still in Stage Four lockdown, hopefully soon it will ease up a bit. Blessed Be!

This festival is named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eostre, also known in Old German as Ostara. Little is known about this Goddess except that Her festival was celebrated at the Spring Equinox. She was a Goddess of Fertility and was connected with hares and eggs. She may have been a Goddess of the Dawn. She may also be connected with the Greek Eos and the Roman Aurora, both Dawn Goddesses, and with the Babylonian Ishtar and Phoenician Astarte, both who are Love Goddesses.

The Spring Equinox is a time both of fertility and new life, and of balance and harmony. Light and dark are here in balance, but the light is growing stronger. It is a time of birth, and of manifestation.

The days grow lighter and the Earth grows warmer. At Ostara, seeds may be blessed and planted. Seeds of wisdom, understanding and magikal skills may also be planted. Eggs are used for the creation of talismans, especially for fertility, or ritually eaten. The egg is a symbol of rebirth and its yolk represents the sun, and the white representing the White Goddess. This is a time of both growth and balance, a time to work on balancing yourself.

Ostara is a celebration of birth and new life. You will begin to see shoots of new growth and swelling buds on the trees. Energy is building as the days become warmer. This is the time of the official return of the young Goddess after Her Winter hibernation. The young God has now grown into manhood. It is believed that at Ostara the Goddess and the God consummated their love for one another. From this the Goddess became pregnant with the God to be reborn at Yule.

The Green Man is very predominate at this time of the year. He is a personification of all life that exist deep within Nature and is usually represented as the foliate mask made up of greenery, leaves growing from mouth and nose, and encircling the face as beard and hair. In some pictures He looks savage, ugly or threatening; in others He is benevolent and watchfully protective.

Blessed Be!

Mabon in Northern Hemisphere

Mabon blessings to all in the Northern Hemisphere as you get ready for the winter months, stay cosy, stay safe. Blessed Be!

Mabon is very much like Thanksgiving. Most of the crops have been reaped and abundance is more noticeable than ever! Mabon is the time when we reap the fruits of our labor and lessons, both crops and experiences. It is a time of joy, to celebrate that which is passing (for why should we mourn the beauty of the year or dwindling sunlight?), looking joyously at the experience the year has shared with us. And it is a time to gaze into the bright future. We are reminded once again of the cyclic universe; endings are merely new beginnings.

Since it is the time of dying sun, effort is also made to celebrate the dead with joyous remembrance. Natural energies are aligned towards protection, wealth, prosperity, security, and boosting self-confidence. Any spells or rituals centered around balance and harmony are appropriate.

Also, (from a variation in legend) the Equinox is the day of the year when the god of light, Lugh, is defeated by the god of darkness, Lugh’s twin and alter-ego, Tanist. The night conquers day. The tales state that the Equinox is the only day which Lugh is vulnerable and the possibility of his defeat exists. Lugh stands on the balance (Autumn Equinox-Libra) with one foot on the goat (Winter Solstice-Capricorn) and the other on the cauldron (Summer Solstice-Cancer). He is betrayed by Blodeuwedd, the Virgin (Virgo) and transformed into an Eagle (Scorpio).

Two events occur rapidly with Lugh’s defeat. Tanist, having beaten Lugh, now takes over Lugh’s place both as King of our world and lover to the Goddess Tailltiu. Although Tanist now sits on Lugh’s throne, his official induction does not take place for another six weeks at Samhain, the beginning of Winter, when he becomes the Dark King, the Winter Lord, the Lord of Misrule. He mates with Tailltiu, who conceives, and will give birth nine months later (at the Summer Solstice) to her son, another incarnation of Tanist himself, the Dark Child.

New Release -Star Spy By Will MacMillan Jones

New Release Star Spy (Scout Pilot book 6) by my friend Will MacMillan Jones.  There are many new books to read during this lock down time.

Star Spy




If you have a secret, then keep it secret that you have a secret to keep, goes the old saying. Frank Eric Russell now has one secret too many. Not only is he working for a man who believes that secrets are best kept by the dead, he is undertaking missions that stand high chance of being fatal in their own right while spying on his employer on behalf of the most feared man in the Galaxy – who also wants him dead. If the life of a spy is fraught with risk, the life of a double agent is doubly dangerous when the stakes are raised in the private war between the espionage services.

War is coming and the major Powers are readying themselves for the conflict. As the Galaxy descends into the confusion of war, will there be room for one man in an outdated scout ship to find a way of surviving and meeting his obligations to both his employers? If the chance comes his way, Frank will take the money and try to escape. Will he get that chance?

Follow Frank into the chaos where, to simply stay alive, he will need all his luck and to use his special skill to the utmost: running away.

Readers’ praise for the Scout Pilot Series:

I enjoyed the first one so much I just had to buy the next two straight after. The luckless Frank Russell is an engaging travel companion. I feel I have seen much of the underside of the Galaxy in his company.
LOVED IT!!! Very funny! A witty good clean fun read.

Will Macmillan Jones is a story teller and a fine one. As I read these books I found myself swept along by the story.

If you’re a fan of retro sci-fi and quirky humour, it’s definitely for you.

A twisting, turning sci fi plot and a galaxy full of larger than life characters







New Release – Slayer Geezer By T. Jackson King

Today a New Release, Slayer Geezer (book 4 in the Transcendent series) by my friend T. Jackson King.

Slayer Geezer




Jack Hansen just wants a normal life, despite his possession of super mind powers. He prefers to Heal kids with fatal illnesses. And spend time with his new love Claudia the brain doc. But the Emperor of the Realm of Blackness has other plans for him. The Emperor attacks the American President, Jack’s plane, a college professor and then comes up with a plan to kill most of America’s people. All to punish Jack for ‘hurting’ the emperor with Holy Water. Jack knows he has to win this fight. For himself. For Claudia. For a future with hope.







Here is my interview with Barbara Ebel


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

A big hi to everyone, and thank you Fiona for the invite. My name is Barbara Ebel, aka the “Credible Medical Fiction Writer.” I’m between middle and old age, whatever those ages are!

Fiona: Where are you from?

I’m from all over the place in the eastern U.S., but now my home is in TN.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

I am a retired M.D., not because I want to be, but because both my shoulders are disabled. I was a physiciananesthesiologist, and you really need your shoulders and arms to practice safelyin that surgical specialty.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news.

I beat cancer in the last few months, but I’m still undergoing…

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New Release – Cursed Prince By Jade Kerrion

Today I have a New Release for you, Cursed Prince, book one in the Lord Of The Ocean Series by my friend Jade Kerrion.  This is a spin off from the Daughter of Air series and it’s awesome.

Cursed Prince.jpg



Never accept gifts from strangers…
Especially if it glows…

Ginny’s first mistake was becoming one of the world’s leading experts on ancient civilizations…

Her second mistake was getting kidnapped by Atlantean cultists who believed she knew more than she did…

Her third?

Accepting an energy vortex from a captive mer-prince.

Its reality-altering power entangles her in the millennia-long conflict between Atlantis and the Lords of the Ocean—the mer-people.

To free the mer-prince, she will have to trust a man afflicted with a chimeric personality and tormented by conflicted memories. She’ll have to figure out how to control the devastating power the mer-prince entrusted to her…

Because if she doesn’t succeed, Atlantis will rise again, and all the human nations of the Earth will fall.

ONE-CLICK to dive into this heart-pounding new series featuring a blend of urban fantasy, mythology and science fiction from USA Today Bestselling Author Jade Kerrion.







New Release – Cursed Heart By Jade Kerrion

Today’s New Release is Cursed Heart, book four in the Daughter of Air Series, by my friend Jade Kerrion.  This is a totally awesome series.

Cursed Heart



Before aliens became gods and reality became religion, the war began. It’s time for it to end–one way or another.

Pandemic sweeps the earth while humanity’s ancient protectors watch helplessly. Societies and governments crumble before the advance of Nergal, the god of pestilence.

The mermaid Ashe possesses the power, the passion, and the audacity to challenge Nergal, but she is trapped in the underworld. Engineering her escape forces Varun, the marine biologist, to seek out unlikely allies, but freeing Ashe is only the first step.

The only weapon that can slay Nergal is a cursed dagger forged in a demon’s heart from the core of a fallen star. And that dagger is buried in the depths of a living volcano…

Revel in the shattering climax of this “genre-blending masterpiece of urban fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales, and mythology.” ONE-CLICK to dive under the sea today!







Christmas Promotion – Christmas With Dragons By Susan Illene

Today’s post is for Christmas With Dragons another awesome book in the Dragon’s Breath Series by my friend Susan Illene.

Dragon slayer Bailey Monzac and her shifter lover Aidan are about to have their first holiday season together. They’d rather ignore the rest of the world this Christmas, but trouble is headed their way.

Murderous dragons are on the loose, and there’s also the shifter mating festival Bailey and Aidan are obligated to attend. And on top of that? Her long-lost father is coming for a visit. She doesn’t know much about him, but she does know he’s a slayer who strikes fear in the hearts of dragons everywhere. There’s no way he’s going to approve of his daughter shacking up with one of the beasts—even one that is half human.

The presents may be under the tree, but yuletide cheer isn’t on the calendar for Bailey and Aidan.


BOOK 1- Stalked by Flames
BOOK 2- Dancing with Flames
BOOK 3- Forged by Flames
BOOK 4- Christmas with Dragons




Christmas Promotion – Timeless Christmas

Today’s promotion is for a collection of books under the title of Timeless Christmas by a talented group of authors.

Timeless Christmas Collection
What would you like for Christmas? For those who can’t decide, how about a set of stories to immerse you in the spirit of the season?
Timeless Christmas is a box set of stories through the eyes of nine authors, who will transport you into worlds of the past, present and future.
Enchant your mind, body and soul and let your Christmas spirit soar.
Maxine Murphy
Angela Gray
Regina Morris
C. Forrest Lundin
Suzy Stewart Dubot
Cherime MacFarlane
Julie Elizabeth Powell
Holly Barbo
Ella Medler


Christmas Promotion – Ghosts of Christmas Past By Sam Kates

Todays Christmas Promotion is for Ghosts of Christmas Past and other dark festive tales by my friend Sam Kates.

Four festive tales of the supernatural, apocalyptic and blood-sucking variety—an antidote for anyone who occasionally finds Christmas overly sentimental or commercialised and likes to escape to somewhere darker.
In Ghosts of Christmas Past, a newly-wed couple spend every Christmas in the same remote country cottage. It’s their ‘thing’ and they’re not about to let tragedy get in the way.
In I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, a small boy creeps downstairs to see his mother in the embrace of a crimson-robed stranger. But Jake’s not convinced: since when did Santa have long teeth and red, glinting eyes?
In Rottin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Nia decorates the tree while her parents look on. But this is not just another Christmas—it is the time of The Cleansing, the time when family life and the world as we know it are ending.
In Christmas ‘Midst the Zombie Apocalypse, two survivors sit out winter on the edge of an overrun city. Their efforts to enjoy Christmas Day as normally as possible turn out to be a mistake; a potentially fatal one.




Christmas Promotion – Chester the Chesapeake: The Three Dogs of Christmas by Barbara Ebel

During December I will be promoting Christmas related books and stories.  Today I have Chester the Chesapeake : The Three Dogs of Christmas by my friend Barbara Ebel.




Chester, Putt-Putt and Buck meet more than one Santa as Christmas approaches!
Are they all imposters?

As the three dogs figure out what Christmas is all about, will they find the real Santa Claus so Chester can tell him a secret?
“Chester is at it again in his 5th book! His non-stop adventure and diligent  search for Santa engages readers of all ages and leaves us with a  heartwarming message about family.”  Danielle Collins, Ed.D, Federal Programs Supervisor, DeKalb County School System, TN
“Meet Chester the Chesapeake as he and his two, four-legged brothers meet  Santa. Just in time for Christmas season, here’s a delightful  “home-spun” story told through the eyes of a handsome character and  beloved pet. Children will enjoy the colored photos on every page and  will come to love this entertaining trio in their holiday costumes.”  Susie Randleman, Director, Art Circle Public Library, Crossville, TN
Chester the Chesapeake
Chester the Chesapeake Book Two:  Summertime
Chester the Chesapeake Book Three:  Wintertime
Chester the Chesapeake Book Four:  My Brother Buck
Chester the Chesapeake Book Five:  The Three Dogs of Christmas
The Chester the Chesapeake Trilogy (Books 1-3)