December/Christmas Promotion – The Christmas Star By Janus Gangi

Today’s promotion is for  The Christmas Star, a short story Christmas bonus from the Providence Series, by author Janus Gangi.

JANUS A ChristmasStar.jpg



Spice up your holidays with something a little bit naughty and a little bit nice as the all the Providence Series characters get together for a holiday home coming in this lighthearted Christmas bonus from the Providence Series.







December/Christmas Promotion – A Crystal Snowflake By Holly Barbo

Today’s promotion is for A Crystal Snowflake, a thrilling story by my friend Holly Barbo.  We also have an excerpt for a taste of what is to come.


HOLLY crystal Snowflake cover.jpeg




A cyber-thriller short story

When Chayse’s friend is murdered before he can get protective custody, she and her department in Homeland Security are thrust into a race to stop a destructive cyber worm from wiping out all bank and stock market records during the Christmas break. The good news is there is an inoculating code which will stop the worm. The bad news is it is hidden in a special crystal concealed in the sculpted walls of a beautiful ice hotel in the Lapland region of Sweden, and the terrorists are searching for it too. As the snow flurries of November become frozen December, each side rush to find the crystal… with entirely different goals.

Will the Christmas holiday bring destruction for western financial systems?





He smiled when he heard her voice and responded by saying, “I’m on my way and no one is following me. Just in case, I sent instructions to our safe place. Don’t worry about retrieving the envelope unless I don’t get there by morning. Okay. Gotta go. I’ll be at your door for breakfast with your favorite croissants. Have the coffee brewed.”

Orion laughed at the response. “Okay. I need to concentrate on driving in this stuff. See you soon, Chayse. Bye.”

Beyond the stop sign, the road sloped to a picturesque country bridge, one of many that dotted the New England states. He had to admit it was beautiful in the snowfall but with the driving conditions worsening, he focused on how the car responded to his small adjustments in steering. In the weak light, he didn’t notice the watcher standing in the shelter of some trees on the far side of the road. The muffled figure took a box out of his pocket, pointed it at the car and pushed a button. The loud sibilant schwuff of the slush hitting the car’s undercarriage drowned out the pop.

Without any warning, Orion’s power steering quit. Working to compensate on the slick road, he fought to correct the fish-tailing motion of the car. “Shit!” He tapped the brakes and was horrified as his foot went all the way to the floor.

Fighting the wheel and the momentum of the old Chevy on the slippery surface became his entire focus…and he was losing. He tried gearing down and applying the emergency brake, but the car went into a spin and he caught a glimpse of the bridge railing coming up too fast. “Shit!” The car broke through the wooden barrier and sailed into the darkness over the side.







December/Christmas Promotions – A Zombie Christmas By Anthony Renfro

Today’s promotion is for A Zombie Christmas, The Mike Beem Chronicles by author Anthony Renfro.





Jingle some bells and empty some shells!

5 out of 5 stars – An Uplifting Tale of Christmas Generosity, in a Time When Helping Others is a Real Challenge.

This short story is about three men who risk life and limb in order to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas Morning. What would you do to save Christmas in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Bonus Short Story: A Vampire at Christmas

This short story is about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.

Bonus Short Story: The Dead of Winter

This short story is about an apocalyptic nightmare in a crisp frozen landscape filled with winter and living corpses.Two men try to find safety in this dead world. Hoping to ride out the night. Hoping to find warmth and safety. Hoping not to become food for the zombies.

The Mike Beem Chronicles are a series of short stories that I wrote involving a character called Mike Beem. These stories don’t have to be read in order. I wrote each of them to be their own story. They have an original beginning and a true end. You should be fine reading the current one you are thinking about buying, and you should be able to enjoy it as if it was its own separate entity. Now, if you have to read them in order (I know I would), here is the best way to do it.






December/Christmas Promotions – Christmas With Dragons By Susan Illene

Today’s promotion is for Christmas With Dragons, book four in the Dragon’s Breath series, by my friend Susan Illene.  This like all of the series is an awesome read.





Dragon slayer Bailey Monzac and her shifter lover Aidan are about to have their first holiday season together. They’d rather ignore the rest of the world this Christmas, but trouble is headed their way.

Murderous dragons are on the loose, and there’s also the shifter mating festival Bailey and Aidan are obligated to attend. And on top of that? Her long-lost father is coming for a visit. She doesn’t know much about him, but she does know he’s a slayer who strikes fear in the hearts of dragons everywhere. There’s no way he’s going to approve of his daughter shacking up with one of the beasts—even one that is half human.

The presents may be under the tree, but yuletide cheer isn’t on the calendar for Bailey and Aidan.


BOOK 1- Stalked by Flames
BOOK 2- Dancing with Flames
BOOK 3- Forged by Flames
BOOK 4- Christmas with Dragons







December/Christmas Promotion – The Bells of Winter

Today’s promotion is for a collection of stories by a talented group of authors.  The Bells of Winter. 


Bells of Winter




The Bells are ringing for the turn of the year, so grab a hot toddy, a warm blanket, and this collection of beautiful stories to warm up your heart and soul. These are all clean, family-friendly, inspiring reads in many genres, great for entertaining anyone from lovers of fantasy to the more serious mystery reader.




This is an excerpt from Holly Barbo’s story in the Bells of Winter collection, A Bell for Valor.


With a joyful bounce to her step, Mari took a step toward the kitchen but paused when she heard the computer chime. A glance at the monitor shows a snow covered Quinna coming across the garage floor. About to turn away to get a towel for her feline friend, Mari stopped when a movement at the corner of the image snapped her attention back to the screen. A man’s arm slowly came through the cat door.

Throwing open her door, Mari paused in her headlong rush down the stairs. Quinna had heard the noise behind her and, with a snarled hunting call, pounced on the offending human limb. Claws and teeth attacked the bare skin of the wrist and hand. Mari could hear the muffled shriek from the other side of the door as the arm thrashed to free itself from the wild cat. It was a short battle. The arm was retracted and Quinna turned again toward the stairs, her step light and the bushy tail and ears perked up in pleasure.


December/Christmas Promotions – Ghosts of Christmas Past By Sam Kates

Today’s promotion is for a collection of dark festive tales.  Ghosts of Christmas Past is by my friend Sam Kates.

SAM Ghosts of Christmas Past.jpg




Four festive tales of the supernatural, apocalyptic and blood-sucking variety—an antidote for anyone who occasionally finds Christmas overly sentimental or commercialised and likes to escape to somewhere darker.

In Ghosts of Christmas Past, a newly-wed couple spend every Christmas in the same remote country cottage. It’s their ‘thing’ and they’re not about to let tragedy get in the way.

In I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, a small boy creeps downstairs to see his mother in the embrace of a crimson-robed stranger. But Jake’s not convinced: since when did Santa have long teeth and red, glinting eyes?

In Rottin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Nia decorates the tree while her parents look on. But this is not just another Christmas—it is the time of The Cleansing, the time when family life and the world as we know it are ending.

In Christmas ‘Midst the Zombie Apocalypse, two survivors sit out winter on the edge of an overrun city. Their efforts to enjoy Christmas Day as normally as possible turn out to be a mistake; a potentially fatal one.



 (from Rottin’ Around the Christmas Tree)

The sneeze took her unawares. A wad of phlegm shot from her mouth and hit the tree, sticking to a branch and dangling down like a child’s effort at creating a bauble from plasticine.

“Hmm. Green,” Nia muttered. “Christmassy.”

She swiped at her running nose. The grey light from outside, such as it was, began to fade as night drew in. She was glad to see it go; it was starting to feel like a giant floodlight beaming at her.

Nia added a few more baubles, but her enthusiasm was waning as her headache grew more intense. When she coughed, her ribs hurt as though someone was behind her performing the Heimlich manoeuvre over-vigorously.

She stood back and peered at the tree through narrowed, crusting eyes.

“That’ll do, pig.” She nearly smiled; Babe was one of her favourite films.

“One last song,” she said to her parents. They didn’t respond, but she pressed on regardless, launching into a cracked version of Rockin’Around the Christmas Tree. A half-hearted attempt at dancing cut short as another sneeze rocked her back on her heels.

“No more,” she muttered.







Christmas Promotions – A Vampire At Christmas By Anthony Renfro

Today’s promotion is for A Vampire at Christmas by author Anthony Renfro.  We also have an excerpt and a bonus short story.





“5 Stars out of 5: A deadly and dashing vampire” This short story is about a Parrothead Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.

Bonus Short Story: Need to Feed

Another year. Another massacre looming. When the sun rises on the Old West town of Saltwater Junction this town will face head on two fierce predators. Vampires who stalk you in the sunlight, and werewolves that transform with the sunrise. This short story rewrites the legends and all you’ve ever known about these creatures of the night. Where do you go when there’s no place left to hide?



A VAMPIRE AT CHRISTMAS: A short story about a Vampire who uses his riches and immortal skills to bring joy to those in need during the Christmas Season.

A naked, artificial, green Christmas tree (replaced every season) stood in one corner of this tomb; and there were no ornaments on this tree, no garland of any kind. The coffin he slept in was decorated with thick silver tinsel, and it draped and wrapped itself around this orifice of death like a shiny snake. Talan dared not play Christmas music because he was afraid of drawing attention to himself. People might discover his hiding place if they heard music playing up from somewhere deep in the Earth, no matter how far into the woods he made his lair. The tree and the decorated coffin were more than enough to keep him in a Christmas mood.