Cover Reveal – Destined for Eternity By Susan Illene

Destined for Eternity cover reveal and release date

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is almost over.  Destined for Eternity will be releasing on September 16th!

I’m posting the cover and book summary below for you to check out.  The ebook is already up for pre-order on Amazon.  It will be available on iTunes, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble this weekend and remain available until September 22nd before I pull it off to make it exclusive to Amazon for Kindle Unlimited.  By early next year, I will return the entire Dark Destiny Series to the other retailers, so KU is for a short period of time.

SUSAN DestinedforEternity_Large.jpg


COVER ARTVictoria Miller


MODELS– Samantha and Max Radcliffe



Demons and pregnancy don’t mix.

Cori and Bartol have six weeks left to go until their baby is born, but all hell is about to break loose before that happens.  Demons are possessing humans again and wreaking havoc.  No one knows what their agenda is, but it’s increasing tensions between the humans and supernaturals, escalating into violence.  As one of the only people capable of slaying the hell spawns, Bartol has been called upon to deal with them. But impending fatherhood is challenging enough, especially when he’s still struggling to overcome psychological trauma in order to have the relationship with Cori that she and their child deserve.

Unfortunately, an ultimatum from the angels forces Bartol into the fight, and leaves Cori battling her own doubts and fears. Their child is coming—will they be ready?

Word count– 84,000 (approximate)

Release date- September 16th, 2018

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You can pre-order a copy of the novel on Amazon here.  The ebook will be available on all other retailers on release day, and I’ll post more purchase links then.


December Promotion – Dragon Home By J D Hallowell

Today’s promotion is for Dragon Home, book 1 in the Legion of Riders series by my friend J D Hallowell.  I can’t wait to read this series.

Dragon Home (The Legion of Riders Book 1) by [Hallowell, J.D.]



As the War of the Blades draws to a close, Nassari Orin, Corisian courtier and diplomat turned Dragon Rider, has big plans: to bask in the glory of victory and the admiration of his countrymen; to have a wedding like the one the new-found love of his life, Nadia Cutter, has always dreamed of and settle down in marital bliss; to work with his fellow Dragon Riders and friends to mold the Legion of Riders from the glimmering of an idea into a powerful and fully functioning association of bonded pairs; and, perhaps most of all, to do all of this freed from political entanglements and mundane obligations by his lofty but neutral status as the Dragon Rider of a Lineage Holder.

But Nassari soon finds that plans rarely survive first contact with reality. Not everyone honors heroes or thinks so highly of Dragons and Riders, and even those who do are more than willing to use them for their own ends. Meanwhile, a war is brewing that threatens to test the Oath of the Legion while it is still in its infancy. It isn’t long before Nassari is fighting for the Legion’s dignity, independence, and very survival, as well as his own.







December/Christmas Promotion – A Zombie Christmas 2 By Anthony Renfro

Today’s promotion is for A Zombie Christmas 2, the second book in the Mike Beem Christmas Zombie Series, by Anthony Renfro.

Anthony Zombie Christmas 2 - High Resolution.jpg



“5 Stars out of 5: I dearly love this author’s short stories, and these 3 were great.”

A boy lost. A family desperate. It’s Christmas in a Zombie Apocalypse and Mike Beem is once again aiming for another Holiday miracle. His goal this year isn’t toys for the kids in the neighborhood. His goal this time is trying to save one small life so another family doesn’t have to suffer the way he suffered. Can Mike save Christmas once again?

Bonus Short Story: The Lot

A short story about a Christmas tree lot that may have hidden and deadly secrets.

Bonus Short Story: Fear of the Scarecrow

This short story is about a desperate man hungry for revenge. Sometimes revenge comes with a price.

The Mike Beem Chronicles are a series of short stories that I wrote involving a character called Mike Beem. These stories don’t have to be read in order. I wrote each of them to be their own story. They have an original beginning and a true end. You should be fine reading the current one you are thinking about buying, and you should be able to enjoy it as if it was its own separate entity.

As a side bar, I honestly did not intend to have multiple Mike Beem stories. I wrote A Zombie Christmas years ago, and decided recently to write a sequel for it. It was while I was revising the sequel that other stories involving Mike Beem started to spring into my mind. I decided to pursue those ideas, and now they are available for you to read and purchase for your Kindle.

Now, if you have to read them in order (I know I would), here is the best way to do it.

A Zombie Thanksgiving
A Zombie Christmas
A Zombie New Year’s Eve
A Zombie Christmas 2
Flesh for the Zombies
Zombie Beach (Fall 2017)

Thanks again for humoring me. Thanks for reading and purchasing this story. And remember, it is better to sleep with the lights on at night. There are things that live in the darkness. Things better not seen.








December/Christmas Promotions – Christmas With Dragons By Susan Illene

Today’s promotion is for Christmas With Dragons, book four in the Dragon’s Breath series, by my friend Susan Illene.  This like all of the series is an awesome read.





Dragon slayer Bailey Monzac and her shifter lover Aidan are about to have their first holiday season together. They’d rather ignore the rest of the world this Christmas, but trouble is headed their way.

Murderous dragons are on the loose, and there’s also the shifter mating festival Bailey and Aidan are obligated to attend. And on top of that? Her long-lost father is coming for a visit. She doesn’t know much about him, but she does know he’s a slayer who strikes fear in the hearts of dragons everywhere. There’s no way he’s going to approve of his daughter shacking up with one of the beasts—even one that is half human.

The presents may be under the tree, but yuletide cheer isn’t on the calendar for Bailey and Aidan.


BOOK 1- Stalked by Flames
BOOK 2- Dancing with Flames
BOOK 3- Forged by Flames
BOOK 4- Christmas with Dragons







December/Christmas Promotion – The Bells of Winter

Today’s promotion is for a collection of stories by a talented group of authors.  The Bells of Winter. 


Bells of Winter




The Bells are ringing for the turn of the year, so grab a hot toddy, a warm blanket, and this collection of beautiful stories to warm up your heart and soul. These are all clean, family-friendly, inspiring reads in many genres, great for entertaining anyone from lovers of fantasy to the more serious mystery reader.




This is an excerpt from Holly Barbo’s story in the Bells of Winter collection, A Bell for Valor.


With a joyful bounce to her step, Mari took a step toward the kitchen but paused when she heard the computer chime. A glance at the monitor shows a snow covered Quinna coming across the garage floor. About to turn away to get a towel for her feline friend, Mari stopped when a movement at the corner of the image snapped her attention back to the screen. A man’s arm slowly came through the cat door.

Throwing open her door, Mari paused in her headlong rush down the stairs. Quinna had heard the noise behind her and, with a snarled hunting call, pounced on the offending human limb. Claws and teeth attacked the bare skin of the wrist and hand. Mari could hear the muffled shriek from the other side of the door as the arm thrashed to free itself from the wild cat. It was a short battle. The arm was retracted and Quinna turned again toward the stairs, her step light and the bushy tail and ears perked up in pleasure.


New Release – The Gryphon Stone by Thomas Watson

Today I have a New Release for you, The Gryphon Stone, the Autobiography of David K. Render, UNMS Retired, by my friend Thomas Watson.  Thomas has also given us an excerpt, enjoy.

THOMAS Watson TheGryphonStoneFinals-FJM_Mid_Res_1000x1500.jpg



Of all the worlds in the multiverse, Adrathea is the last David Render would willingly revisit. What happened there broke his heart and drove him to retire from the UN Multiverse Survey. To hang up his sword forever.

Then Treyvar of the Alvehn brings disturbing news. Adrathea is in peril, and David’s old comrade needs his help to stop a rogue Alvehn from usurping the throne and ruling the planet forever as an immortal tyrant. To set things right, David must return to the one place he never wants to see again.

But Adrathea is a world to which David’s fate is bound by the most intimate of ties. He has no choice. Adrathea calls, and he must answer.




In which David keeps a vigil while Sidraytha of the Isles of Wulde seek absolution for an episode of berserker rage…

We climbed into the hills soon after. The tallest shoulders of stone looked over the roundabout, down and past ranks of outcrops and boulders through which the stream tumbled before it flowed into a small lake. By then we’d changed into spare clothes; the condition of those we’d cleaned did not pass muster with Mistress Malley, who took them in hand. We wore our swords and great coats, and I carried a pair of blankets for sitting. These were all the comforts Island tradition allowed. We’d eaten a light supper, but brought no food or water with us. I could feel the eyes of our fellow travelers follow us up the slope. Word had spread; they knew where we went, and they knew why. This was made clear by so many of them making the sign of the Two, as we passed by.

Sid picked a flat boulder perched at the top of the hill and, as the sun slipped below the horizon, we climbed onto it. At that high point we arranged the blankets and stood facing each other. “Our blades will lie between us, unsheathed,” she said, drawing hers. “They must not touch. We will sit back-to-back, and we will not touch or speak or look upon one another until you see the sun rise. When it clears the horizon, you will tell me the vigil has ended.”

“Got it,” I said. I drew my sword, and it caught a gleam of red light from the fading sunset. It was completely quiescent in my hand. I could only hope the same was true of Sid’s weapon. We set them down, side by side, hers pointing south, mine north. Sid turned to face the sunset, and I followed her gaze.

How recently had we watched that fierce red glow fade in the west, and not long after made love beneath the stars? And now we would keep a vigil beneath those same stars, as my lover sought absolution from deities I didn’t even believe in. The strangeness and frightful beauty of this life I’ve led never ceases to amaze me. I suppose, on balance, that’s a good thing.

As the sky darkened overhead, Sid started to sing a hymn in the language of the Islands. I didn’t know the language then, but the pleading sound of her voice, and the tears I could hear beneath it, made my heart ache. All the more so, knowing there was nothing I could do. The hymn went on and on, with short pauses for breath. I didn’t dare so much as take her hand in mine. It wasn’t just that she’d told me not to touch her. It felt like the wrong thing to do.

Only a dark band of blue remained above the western horizon as the song ended, and Sid indicated that we should sit. I did so, facing east, Sid at my back, both of us wrapped in coats. I settled in for a long night.

It was a very long night indeed.

I’ve kept long watches, in my day, and gone without sleep more times than I care to count. But I’d never done anything quite like this before. Knowing where my friend’s head was at, what she had to be feeling, and yet not really understanding what she was about – I’m a thorough-going agnostic in such matters – all sorts of thoughts floated through my mind. The stars slowly turned from east to west over the wide, shadowy landscape around us. The sounds of the camp below died away and there was only the whisper of a light breeze sighing over the rocks, the chatter of the stream pouring over the stones of its narrow bed, and a single loud and persistent cricket that I swore I would one day hunt down and kill.

The air grew chilly, and I pulled the collar of my coat up around my neck. Sid sat behind me, as still as the stone beneath us. My mind wandered, and I found myself reliving snatches of memory. The dragons on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Moj hordes appearing in North Carolina and Texas, and kaiju rising from the sea. I remembered the day the Alvehn came and saved us from the Moj. I remembered fighting in the unit of militia my father formed when the black drakes appeared. I recalled his death, sometime later, as we fought the Moj. For not the first time, I took comfort in the knowledge that his sacrifice had saved a city. I contemplated many things from my past, that night; the beauty and love, the horror and grief, and the sheer wonder of the multiverse. It defies my meager skill with words.

I remained awake and at her back all through her vigil. Instead of falling asleep, I seemed to enter a strange sort of mental state that was neither wakeful nor unconscious. It was awareness and feeling only, without thought. My wandering recollections faded away. I was aware of the quiet night, and of the woman who sat behind me. Acutely aware of Sidraytha. Somehow, though we faced away from each other, I knew she remained awake. Time became a single, eternal moment; reality was as crystal clear as the stars overhead.

The sky was growing pale to the east. I watched as the stars faded and the thin, pale crescent of the old moon rose ahead of the dawn. Birds called out to each other in shrill, bubbling whistles from the shadowy land around us. The sky grew steadily brighter and more birds joined that dawn chorus. It seemed to take forever, but at last a fiery sliver of light burst over the rim of the world. In a moment it was too bright to look at directly, and in the fullness of time, the sun rose above the horizon. The vigil had ended.

Feeling stiff and a little shaky, I got my knees under me and turned toward Sid. “It’s done,” I said. I looked up into the sky, stretching my back, and saw gryphons circling overhead. They were still watching us. I had no problem with that, not after what had happened.

Sid let go a deep sigh and bent forward a little, then nodded. “It is done,” she agreed, and though she needed no assistance, accepted my hand as I helped her stand.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said with another nod. “It would seem the God and Goddess share your judgment of me, Daffyd.” And she smiled, then stepped forward and kissed me. It was a brief kiss, and after it we just stood there, holding each other for a moment as the day brightened around us.

I saw our companions just as she turned from me, and knew she did so as well when she let out a little gasp of surprise. There, on the rocks below us, with lanterns and candles and green glow lights that all still gleamed or flickered in the shadows cast by the hill, were what appeared to be most of the caravan’s company. Closest were Korl, Tensta, and Trey; arrayed around them were most of the surviving caravan guards. Not far down the hill I saw Grevin, the Prince, and the rest of the players. Master and Mistress Malley stood close together, holding hands. Beyond them, the rocks were liberally sprinkled with people, looking up at us. All of them looked utterly exhausted.

Our fellow travelers, aware of what Sid needed to do, and why, had chosen to keep the watch with me.

Sid stared out over them for a moment, speechless, then as tears spilled from her eyes she made the sign of the Two over them. After that, she went down on one knee and bowed her head.

I knelt beside her, and did the same.








Halloween Promotion – Deliberate Intent by Catherine Wolffe

Today’s promotion is for Deliberate Intent, book two of Shadow Company by author Catherine Wolffe.




Katie Tibideaux, a small town pharmacist and Duke Taylor, a rodeo cowboy, drifter and ex-SEAL ignite the sheets with the attraction between them. Reality takes a bite out of their world when shadow walkers attack once more. This time their best friends, Aubrie Sinclair and Logan Latimar face criminal charges and are on the run. It’s left up to Duke and Katie to find the truth. Can Katie convince Duke she has what it takes to follow him into danger?