Halloween Promotion – Deliberate Intent by Catherine Wolffe

Today’s promotion is for Deliberate Intent, book two of Shadow Company by author Catherine Wolffe.




Katie Tibideaux, a small town pharmacist and Duke Taylor, a rodeo cowboy, drifter and ex-SEAL ignite the sheets with the attraction between them. Reality takes a bite out of their world when shadow walkers attack once more. This time their best friends, Aubrie Sinclair and Logan Latimar face criminal charges and are on the run. It’s left up to Duke and Katie to find the truth. Can Katie convince Duke she has what it takes to follow him into danger?







Halloween Promotion – The Living Sand by Anthony Renfro

Today’s Halloween story is The Living Sand by author Anthony Renfro.  We have an excerpt to give you a taste.  Anthony writes great stories, enjoy.

Living Sand- High Resolution.jpg


A short story about two boys who discover a hidden beach and the evil deadly secrets that lie within its soft white grains of sand.

4 out of 5 Stars – I like mine with a twist!

4 out of 5 Stars – Creepy tale.



Seth rolled his eyes, and tried to ignore his friend. He tried to zone into the happiness he should have been feeling, and that’s when something caught his eye, something behind him, something on the wall beside the entrance to this beach. “Junior! Get over here! Get over here now!”

“Man, you’re a buzz kill. Most twelve year olds shouldn’t worry this much.”

“If I turn thirteen, I’ll remind myself of that. Now get your ass over here now!”

Junior let out a sigh and walked over to Seth. “I’m here. What is so damn important?”

“The wall,” Seth replied, turning Junior’s face, and pointing him towards it.

If Junior could have pissed cold yellow ice, he would have, at that moment.

On the wall, was a skull and crossbones symbol, blood red, dripping and running like it was bleeding or freshly painted?

Below this skull and crossbones there was a message:

‘let yea who pass here be warned, this be the devil’s virgin sand, he be the beast that walk amongst the ground, he be the beast inside the grains, life is in the sand, if you be here when the moon is full, use the seas water, mix it with the sand, whatever is created, next night, the devil’s life it will have’

After Seth read this message out loud, a mouth appeared on the red skull. The mouth opened up revealing large sharp teeth and a black empty portal. Two red eyes appeared in the empty black eye sockets a second later, and then this symbol laughed at them, laughed an evil sinister laugh.





Halloween Promotion – Riptide by Claudette Melanson

My first Halloween promotion of the month is for Riptide by author Claudette Melanson.  Claudette has also given us an excerpt, enjoy.




In order to tear herself free from the deadly pull which is drawing her under, Maura must enlist the help of her preternatural family, exposing her newfound friends to a danger none of them have ever had the misfortune to face before. Can she be saved or will the riptide drag Maura under…along with those she loves the most…


“Maura! Drop him,” growled a voice saturated with darkness. I obeyed. Gavin crumpled to the ground, lacking the strength to remain upright.

“Millicent!” I was beyond relieved to find it wasn’t her fair-haired sister. Her brow drew in and downward with anger, but she still allowed me to rush into her arms. “I got my elixir!” I announced, like a child who’d earned an A on her test. “And look at my fangs! They’re huge! They came in all the way, and that has to mean I’m soooo close to the final change.”

“And what if you had changed?” Her tone was full of scolding, and she held me at arm’s length so as to drive her warning home with the obsidian daggers that were her eyes. “You would have eaten him up, like a big, bad w…vampire. And stop looking so proud of yourself! You obviously require more supervision than previously considered. Honestly, can you not keep yourself out of trouble?”

I felt the need to defend myself just a little bit. “I’m a vampire changeling with no training.” I shrugged in helplessness. “And I’m still a teenager. With no parents around to help me.”

That visibly softened her up. “Well…you do make extremely good points.” Her eyes had shifted heavenward but fell on me once more. “But you must understand that with every foolhardy, immature move you make, you only reinforce Aldiva’s opinion of you and add merit to her solution.”

“What solution would that be?” I asked meekly, fear invading my voice.

Gavin groaned, offering her the opportunity to easily sidestep my question, not that I believed she would have been truthful with me anyway…and did I really want to know? Surely my father would never let her do away with me?

We stood over the other teen, slumped drunkenly against the building wall. “Do you have any food in your pack? Preferably juice or sweets?”

“No…that’s kinda what caused all this. I went all day without eating.”

“Foolish!” Her loud sigh was rife with agitation. “Why would you… Oh, never mind! Does he?” When I looked confused…“Oh, for god’s sake, Maura. Search his pack for food.”

Why was she being so mean? She’d seemed to be on my side during my encounter with Aldiva…which could only mean either my father or Aldiva herself were exceedingly enraged by my latest blunder…and she feared for me more than she was angry…which was somehow far worse. I concentrated on trying to distinguish between the individual contents of the pack in the diminishing light. “I found an energy drink,” I offered, holding it up.

“Well, they are full of sugar. It will have to do for now.” She took it, cracked the top and held it to his lips. At first, the liquid ran over them and down his chin, but Millicent pried his mouth open further, placing a finger against his bottom teeth. He began to drink on his own. “That is promising.”

“Thank goodness,” I breathed.

“Can I ask you something?” The lecture had returned to her tone, and I wondered what level of tongue-lashing I was in for.


“Just how did you plan to make your friend here forget this magical evening? Hmmm?”

I smiled self-assuredly at this. “Compel him.”

“Com…wha??” Gavin was becoming vocal. Progress. Maybe I hadn’t drained him to the point of death after all. That was certainly a relief.

“And…has that always worked out for you?”

I felt my cheeks start to burn. “Well, no…but…” How could she know that? The only explanation I could think of was Val’s blabbering mouth. He’d witnessed my failure at compulsion firsthand—on more than one occasion.

“And what if it had failed this evening?”

“Well…I would have just…ummm…”

“Yes, just as I thought. You would have been in even bigger trouble. See now why you need to think things through, Maura?” Her tone sounded more pleading than harsh.

I really hadn’t thought about the conclusion at all. I’d just been hungry. So hungry. “I’ll eat next time, I prom-om-ise.” My words ended on a sob.

Although Millicent came across as a total badass most of the time, anyone who got to know her even a little could see what a soft heart she actually had. “Oh, Maura…. Now, you stay here,” she told Gavin, her eyes locked on his. She came to me and folded me into her embrace. “Poor sweet girl. I know it must be hard. You just found your father, only to have him torn right back out of your life. And it is the first time in your life you had to be without your mother, no?”

“Yes. I miss Caelyn,” I admitted into her soft black hair.

She ran with the opportunity to lighten the conversation. “Oh, but would you not be in the worst trouble if she heard you call her that!” Oh great. Everyone was telling secrets about me. What else had Millicent learned about me that had, perhaps, even been shared with the others? “Come now,” she cooed at me, “let us take care of your little problem. After, I will take you home, and from now on, I promise to spend more time with you. Whether Aldiva or Maxwell approve or not!”

I knew the smile spreading across my face was heartfelt despite the fact I could feel the dried blood cracking around the outer edges of my lips.

After making sure Gavin was still immobile, she turned back to me. “Okay, so show me these full-grown fangs of yours.”








Cover Reveal – Destined For Dreams by Susan Illene

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Great news!  Today I’m revealing the cover for Destined for Dreams, plus all the upcoming release details, and I have a giveaway at the end of this post.  Keep reading for more information.


COVER ARTVictoria Miller


MODELS– Samantha and Max Radcliffe



Not all relationships are fun and games—especially in the supernatural world.

Cori and Bartol might be bonded mates, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to accept an eternity with each other. They are both wounded souls with tragic pasts that haunt them and not quite ready to trust anyone. But all that may have to be set aside with new problems threatening their future. A demon is on the rise, intent on conquering the world. Bartol may be the only one who can stop him. And Cori discovers she’s developed a mystical ability that could put her at odds with the supernatural community. They’ve got their work cut out for them if they want to survive the coming storm, but supporting each other just might be the answer if they’re willing to take a chance.

Destined for Dreams is the second installment in the Dark Destiny Trilogy. Join Cori and Bartol on their journey to finding love and redemption even under the most difficult circumstances.


Word count– 103,000 (approximate)

Release date- September 30th, 2017

You can pre-order a copy of the novel on Amazon here.  The ebook will be available on all other retailers on release day, and I’ll post more purchase links then.


For a chance to win an ebook copy of Destined for Dreams (Book 2 of the Dark Destiny Series), leave a comment at http://www.susanillene.com/2017/09/26/destined-for-dreams-cover-reveal/ naming your favorite character from the Dark Destiny/Sensor world and a brief reason why you like that person.  On Thursday, September 28th, I’ll contact three lucky winners who will receive an ARC (advance reader copy) of the ebook.  Please be sure to leave a valid email address in the appropriate field so I can reach you!


New Release – Shere Khan by Jade Kerrion

Today I have a New Release for you, Shere Khan- The Masters Reimagined, by my friend Jade Kerrion.  It’s a great telling of this story and well worth reading, I loved it.

Shere Khan



Uncover the truth Rudyard Kipling conceals in his unforgettable masterpiece, The Jungle Book.

One-hundred rupees for the skin of Lungri…

A mysterious Chinese girl arrives in India, determined to claim the bounty on the man-eating tiger. Intrigued by her unrelenting purpose, Rudyard Kipling follows her into the jungle on a mystical adventure that will transform Lungri–The Lame One–into Shere Khan–Tiger Lord.


Q – Is this based on the Kipling or Disney version of The Jungle Book?

A – Did you know that in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (not the reimagined Disney version), Shere Khan was first called Lungri? Did you know that Kaa rescued Mowgli from the monkeys? And did you know that Shere Khan was killed by stampeding buffalo?

My short story, Shere Khan, weaves around Kipling’s story, to tell another story of the conflict between the east and the west, of clashes between cultures and countries, and of a mystical world that runs parallel to our own. It tells you why the man-eating tiger named Lungri–Lame Onewas first and forever acknowledged as Shere Khan–Tiger Lord.

Q – What is The Masters Reimagined?

A – In The Masters Reimagined, ten authors unite to bring something new to the classic stories of literature we all know so well. Masters like James Joyce, Rudyard Kipling, Lewis Carroll, Herman Melville, Leo Tolstoy, and Shakespeare inspired the authors of the Alvarium Experiment in their quest to reinterpret, reinvent, and reshape the stories and characters through speculative twists and turns. This is the third project by the Alvarium Experiment, a consortium of accomplished and award-winning authors.

Q – Where should a reader start when selecting a short story to read in The Masters Reimagined?

A – Each story is self-contained and can be read in any order. The reader is free to select any of the stories at random to begin their experience. The book description will explain the premise for each particular story.


USA Today bestselling author JADE KERRION defied (or leveraged, depending on your point of view) her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Philosophy, as well as her MBA, to embark on her second (and concurrent) career as an award-winning science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance author.

Her debut novel, Perfection Unleashed, published in 2012, won six literary awards and launched her best-selling futuristic thriller series, Double Helix, which blends cutting-edge genetic engineering and high-octane action with an unforgettable romance between an alpha empath and an assassin.

If she sounds busy, it’s because she is. Jade writes at 3:00 am when her husband and three sons are asleep, and aspires to make her readers as sleep-deprived as she is.






New Release – Blood Fever by Simone Beaudelaire

Today I have a New Release for you from my friend Simone BeaudelaireBlood Fever is a vampire romance adventure.  I have read this book and loved it.

Blood Fever



It is the spring of 1945 and the War in Europe is ending, but in New Orleans’s French Quarter, the sultry nights conceal a danger even greater to the future of humanity. Standing alone against this ancient, bloodthirsty evil, scientist Philippe Dumont races against time to cure a disease that resembles yellow fever… but is not.

Budding researcher Daphne Delaney joins Philippe in hopes of preventing an undead despot from launching his own quest for global dominance. Daunting though the task may seem, neither Daphne nor Philippe can grasp the scope of the danger they face, nor of the passion they will find in each other.

From urban New Orleans to the depths of the bayou, Philippe must chase the monster who terrorized his youth to save the woman he loves. But the Vampire King will not rest until both lovers belong to him… for all eternity.

This is a steamy romance and includes graphic sex scenes.

Trigger warning: This book contains scenes of non-consensual sexual contact.





Cover Reveal – Intrinsic Connections by Mistral Dawn

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#CoverReveal: Intrinsic #Connections! 🙂

Hey Everyone!! 🙂
I promised you a cover reveal for Intrinsic Connections, and here it is! 😉  Julie Nicholls is the artist and she’s incredibly talented. Julie not only creates book covers, she’s also an author! 🙂  If you’d like to see more of her fantabulous work, you can check it out here: Julie’s Website.
At the moment, I’m working on edits, but I promise I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going. I really hope it won’t take more than a month or two to get this book polished up.  In the meantime, here’s a little taste. 😉
Excerpt from Intrinsic Connections:

Thoughts and questions spiraled through Petri’s head faster than she could register them. She felt like if she could just catch hold of one, the spinning ball would unravel and everything would make sense again. But try as she might, she couldn’t seem to follow any one train of thought to its conclusion. Indecision paralyzed her.

She knew what she wanted; to get herself and her friends away from the terrifying alien as quickly as possible without anyone getting hurt. But things had changed too fast for her to process the new situation properly, and she didn’t know where to start. All she could do was stand and wonder at the weight of menace such a small, unprepossessing, apparently innocuous creature could convey.

Petri had never seen an Arcanum before. Few had and lived to tell of it. But, in spite of their reclusive nature, every now and again a member of another species would escape with their life from an encounter with the Arcanum. So, there were plenty of tales about what they looked like. And, Petri noted, some of those stories even approached the truth.

On its surface, the Arcanum didn’t appear dangerous. It was short, much shorter than even her own four-foot-two-inch height, and exceedingly slender. The creature’s arms and legs looked like delicate twigs that could easily be snapped in two by an average-sized human. But its head was enormous, bulbous with large, lidless eyes, slits for a nose, and no mouth. Perched atop its reedy neck, the head had an almost farcical appearance. Like a child’s balloon with a face drawn on it.

But, in spite of its almost comical appearance, the Arcanum was shrouded in a miasma of danger. It wasn’t hostility so much as supreme indifference. There would be no threat from the Arcanum. It would simply exterminate them. With no more thought than she would give to stepping on a bug.

The alien was cadaverously slender and, since it wore no clothing, Petri could see that it bore no obvious signs of the being’s gender. Its skin was pale and sickly looking, like one of the corpses that were pulled from the underworld gutters every morning, and it added to the eerie quality of the creature. A baleful, golden glow smoldered in the Arcanum’s eyes. Those glowing eyes were one of the few elements that were consistent between the scattered accounts of encounters with the Arcanum. Petri’s own eyes glowed when she was in the grip of strong emotions and when she used her power. That trait was what had betrayed her on Upworld. No other known species had such eyes, and now Petri knew why others found them so memorable. The light in the alien’s eyes held her transfixed; as if she were looking into the fabled torment that awaited sinners in every religious mythology anyone had ever tried to sell her. But, unlike those stories, the Arcanum’s eyes made her believe.