New Release – Crazy Magic By T. Jackson King

I have a New Release for you today, Crazy Magic, book three in the Girl Magic series by my friend T. Jackson King. Tom writes great books and I highly recommend that you add them to your list.

The demon princes of Tarturus are determined to kill or capture Janie. She is attacked by hellhounds, harpies, the Kampe guardian of the entrance to Tarturus, and worse. Then her talk with granny Lucille’s ghost reveals a new threat. Janie discovers media mogul Derek Lunessee is planing to dig up her granny’s grave, for leverage aimed at forcing her into being the host of a magic fight game show. She heads for Lunessee’s office in New York City, determined to stop his disturbance of granny’s grave. And put an end to his media demands. But Janie discovers that having many layers of golden magic does not guarantee a safer life. Far too soon her Café Tribal friends, her college squad buds and her lover Priya will all pay a price for being part of Janie’s life.