New Release – Minefield by K H Bixby

Today I have a New Release for you from author K.H.Bixby.  Minefield is book two of the Deadly Gambit.   I have read book one and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Complications mount when Sam Turan agrees to work part-time for Heidelberg Bank and dedicate the rest of his time to rebuilding his homeland in the Middle East.

Conspiracies and plots threaten his relationship with the Adler heiress and attempts to blow him up escalates the danger level. 

Sam can only trust a handful of friends. With the ground shifting beneath him, is anyone what they claim to be?


The man with the blue scarf watched first Osman then Sami get into different taxies and drive away. They were on his home turf now. He’d made his own quick call as soon as he cleared customs. When he stepped outside, a car was waiting for him. He slid in and closed the door.

Jordan glanced over at him just before he pulled out into traffic. “How did it go?”

Brogan squeezed the bridge of his nose to ease the headache that was building. “He has more lives than a cat but even those run out sometime.”

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Author bio:Bio for K.H. Bixby
As a person who views news and politics with the fascination of watching a train-wreck, Bixby is driven to extract what IS discussed and twist it into the light of what ISN’T. Writing fiction, but keeping it within parameters of the believable and possible, K.H.’s thrillers grab the reader, causing them to wonder … is the story real? 
Deadly Gambit series:
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