Halloween Month – The Apocalyptic Adventures of Jonathan West By Travis J Downey

Today’s book is The Apocalyptic Adventures of Jonathan West by author Travis J. Downey.

Travis J Downey.jpeg



Jonathan West has a bit of a problem: he lives in Buffalo. And even worse: the internet’s down. Still worse: he’s out of beer. But the worst thing of all: his wife is visiting family in California when 99% of the world’s population is ravaged by a preposterously cliché zombie virus!! Finding himself immune, and ginned up with the notion of being the book’s titular hero, Jonathan and his dog embark on an epic adventure across the US of A in this heartbreaking and tear-jerking comedic-action-adventure-pseudo-horror-drama guaranteed to break your heart and jerk your tears in all the right ways. Friendship, responsibility, conspiracy, and of course, plenty of violence await our hero, but can he survive the 2,600-mile trek full of bad luck, bad people, and horribly bad jokes?

Well, probably. I mean, in today’s world, everything’s a damn trilogy…