Guiding Gaia By Tish Thawer

This is a fabulous story and well worth reading. It is a new release and this author has many great reads if you’re looking for someone new to follow.

Guiding Gaia by [Tish Thawer]

She awoke to save us, but it may already be too late.

The world is in chaos. Stars are falling from the sky. Floods, hurricanes, and fires rage across the land. And the only being strong enough to stop it is stuck in teenage form … again.

Reborn, Gaia has come to Earth to battle through the strife and discover if the world is worth saving.

Tasked with guiding her, it falls to me to help her weather the storms, and hopefully, find a place where she can be at peace. But time is running out, and her patience is waning. Now, I fear if the human race doesn’t destroy the world … she will.

A YA Fantasy novel