New Release – Star Fight by T.Jackson King

Today I have a new release for you, Star Fight, book three in the Empire series by my friend  T. Jackson King.




Failure to protect Earth is facing Nathan Stewart and his friends aboard the battlecruiser STAR GLORY. His captain’s effort to divert the deadly fleet led by Smooth Fur of the Empire of Eternity is not working. Despite the destruction of an Empire shipyard, Fur returns to Kepler 37 and begins a steady advance up Orion Arm, on the lookout for radio, maser and neutrino signals from Earth’s colonies and Earth itself. Since Earth lies just 215 light years uparm from Kepler 37, Nate knows Earth will soon be found. And Fur has two extra fleets for a total of 65 Empire starbiters. When Fur finds Earth, humanity’s newly built battlecruisers will not be enough to stop Fur from killing all life on Earth. Nathan’s fiance Evelyn comes up with a plan. His captain supports it. But will it be enough to divert Smooth Fur from her sworn duty to find and extinguish all life on any resistor planet? Nathan sets out to make sure the plan will be deadly enough to convince Smooth Fur to never, ever again mess with humans!








December Promotion – Dragon Home By J D Hallowell

Today’s promotion is for Dragon Home, book 1 in the Legion of Riders series by my friend J D Hallowell.  I can’t wait to read this series.

Dragon Home (The Legion of Riders Book 1) by [Hallowell, J.D.]



As the War of the Blades draws to a close, Nassari Orin, Corisian courtier and diplomat turned Dragon Rider, has big plans: to bask in the glory of victory and the admiration of his countrymen; to have a wedding like the one the new-found love of his life, Nadia Cutter, has always dreamed of and settle down in marital bliss; to work with his fellow Dragon Riders and friends to mold the Legion of Riders from the glimmering of an idea into a powerful and fully functioning association of bonded pairs; and, perhaps most of all, to do all of this freed from political entanglements and mundane obligations by his lofty but neutral status as the Dragon Rider of a Lineage Holder.

But Nassari soon finds that plans rarely survive first contact with reality. Not everyone honors heroes or thinks so highly of Dragons and Riders, and even those who do are more than willing to use them for their own ends. Meanwhile, a war is brewing that threatens to test the Oath of the Legion while it is still in its infancy. It isn’t long before Nassari is fighting for the Legion’s dignity, independence, and very survival, as well as his own.







New Release – The Gryphon Stone by Thomas Watson

Today I have a New Release for you, The Gryphon Stone, the Autobiography of David K. Render, UNMS Retired, by my friend Thomas Watson.  Thomas has also given us an excerpt, enjoy.

THOMAS Watson TheGryphonStoneFinals-FJM_Mid_Res_1000x1500.jpg



Of all the worlds in the multiverse, Adrathea is the last David Render would willingly revisit. What happened there broke his heart and drove him to retire from the UN Multiverse Survey. To hang up his sword forever.

Then Treyvar of the Alvehn brings disturbing news. Adrathea is in peril, and David’s old comrade needs his help to stop a rogue Alvehn from usurping the throne and ruling the planet forever as an immortal tyrant. To set things right, David must return to the one place he never wants to see again.

But Adrathea is a world to which David’s fate is bound by the most intimate of ties. He has no choice. Adrathea calls, and he must answer.




In which David keeps a vigil while Sidraytha of the Isles of Wulde seek absolution for an episode of berserker rage…

We climbed into the hills soon after. The tallest shoulders of stone looked over the roundabout, down and past ranks of outcrops and boulders through which the stream tumbled before it flowed into a small lake. By then we’d changed into spare clothes; the condition of those we’d cleaned did not pass muster with Mistress Malley, who took them in hand. We wore our swords and great coats, and I carried a pair of blankets for sitting. These were all the comforts Island tradition allowed. We’d eaten a light supper, but brought no food or water with us. I could feel the eyes of our fellow travelers follow us up the slope. Word had spread; they knew where we went, and they knew why. This was made clear by so many of them making the sign of the Two, as we passed by.

Sid picked a flat boulder perched at the top of the hill and, as the sun slipped below the horizon, we climbed onto it. At that high point we arranged the blankets and stood facing each other. “Our blades will lie between us, unsheathed,” she said, drawing hers. “They must not touch. We will sit back-to-back, and we will not touch or speak or look upon one another until you see the sun rise. When it clears the horizon, you will tell me the vigil has ended.”

“Got it,” I said. I drew my sword, and it caught a gleam of red light from the fading sunset. It was completely quiescent in my hand. I could only hope the same was true of Sid’s weapon. We set them down, side by side, hers pointing south, mine north. Sid turned to face the sunset, and I followed her gaze.

How recently had we watched that fierce red glow fade in the west, and not long after made love beneath the stars? And now we would keep a vigil beneath those same stars, as my lover sought absolution from deities I didn’t even believe in. The strangeness and frightful beauty of this life I’ve led never ceases to amaze me. I suppose, on balance, that’s a good thing.

As the sky darkened overhead, Sid started to sing a hymn in the language of the Islands. I didn’t know the language then, but the pleading sound of her voice, and the tears I could hear beneath it, made my heart ache. All the more so, knowing there was nothing I could do. The hymn went on and on, with short pauses for breath. I didn’t dare so much as take her hand in mine. It wasn’t just that she’d told me not to touch her. It felt like the wrong thing to do.

Only a dark band of blue remained above the western horizon as the song ended, and Sid indicated that we should sit. I did so, facing east, Sid at my back, both of us wrapped in coats. I settled in for a long night.

It was a very long night indeed.

I’ve kept long watches, in my day, and gone without sleep more times than I care to count. But I’d never done anything quite like this before. Knowing where my friend’s head was at, what she had to be feeling, and yet not really understanding what she was about – I’m a thorough-going agnostic in such matters – all sorts of thoughts floated through my mind. The stars slowly turned from east to west over the wide, shadowy landscape around us. The sounds of the camp below died away and there was only the whisper of a light breeze sighing over the rocks, the chatter of the stream pouring over the stones of its narrow bed, and a single loud and persistent cricket that I swore I would one day hunt down and kill.

The air grew chilly, and I pulled the collar of my coat up around my neck. Sid sat behind me, as still as the stone beneath us. My mind wandered, and I found myself reliving snatches of memory. The dragons on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Moj hordes appearing in North Carolina and Texas, and kaiju rising from the sea. I remembered the day the Alvehn came and saved us from the Moj. I remembered fighting in the unit of militia my father formed when the black drakes appeared. I recalled his death, sometime later, as we fought the Moj. For not the first time, I took comfort in the knowledge that his sacrifice had saved a city. I contemplated many things from my past, that night; the beauty and love, the horror and grief, and the sheer wonder of the multiverse. It defies my meager skill with words.

I remained awake and at her back all through her vigil. Instead of falling asleep, I seemed to enter a strange sort of mental state that was neither wakeful nor unconscious. It was awareness and feeling only, without thought. My wandering recollections faded away. I was aware of the quiet night, and of the woman who sat behind me. Acutely aware of Sidraytha. Somehow, though we faced away from each other, I knew she remained awake. Time became a single, eternal moment; reality was as crystal clear as the stars overhead.

The sky was growing pale to the east. I watched as the stars faded and the thin, pale crescent of the old moon rose ahead of the dawn. Birds called out to each other in shrill, bubbling whistles from the shadowy land around us. The sky grew steadily brighter and more birds joined that dawn chorus. It seemed to take forever, but at last a fiery sliver of light burst over the rim of the world. In a moment it was too bright to look at directly, and in the fullness of time, the sun rose above the horizon. The vigil had ended.

Feeling stiff and a little shaky, I got my knees under me and turned toward Sid. “It’s done,” I said. I looked up into the sky, stretching my back, and saw gryphons circling overhead. They were still watching us. I had no problem with that, not after what had happened.

Sid let go a deep sigh and bent forward a little, then nodded. “It is done,” she agreed, and though she needed no assistance, accepted my hand as I helped her stand.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said with another nod. “It would seem the God and Goddess share your judgment of me, Daffyd.” And she smiled, then stepped forward and kissed me. It was a brief kiss, and after it we just stood there, holding each other for a moment as the day brightened around us.

I saw our companions just as she turned from me, and knew she did so as well when she let out a little gasp of surprise. There, on the rocks below us, with lanterns and candles and green glow lights that all still gleamed or flickered in the shadows cast by the hill, were what appeared to be most of the caravan’s company. Closest were Korl, Tensta, and Trey; arrayed around them were most of the surviving caravan guards. Not far down the hill I saw Grevin, the Prince, and the rest of the players. Master and Mistress Malley stood close together, holding hands. Beyond them, the rocks were liberally sprinkled with people, looking up at us. All of them looked utterly exhausted.

Our fellow travelers, aware of what Sid needed to do, and why, had chosen to keep the watch with me.

Sid stared out over them for a moment, speechless, then as tears spilled from her eyes she made the sign of the Two over them. After that, she went down on one knee and bowed her head.

I knelt beside her, and did the same.








New Release – A Masterpiece of Nature By L.M.Beyer

Today I have a New Release for you, a short story, A Masterpiece of Nature by my friend L.M.Beyer.

Masterpiece of Nature.jpg



The widow Twyla Bumblebird does good works. She’s on the Modern Art Museum Committee for the Old Masters Wing, the Garden Club’s Downtown Beautification Committee, and the Opera Committee. The mayor and business owners recognize the importance of the widow’s generous efforts on behalf of Plumbagoville, and have been willing to overlook her eccentricities, such as her personal campaign to end public displays of affection. No one has yet been seriously wounded from her pocketbook broadsides, but she’s getting worse, and the mayor and business owners have begun to worry that she is driving customers away to other towns. Naturally, they are reluctant to throw the wealthy widow in jail, and so turn to Dr. Ingall Kuchenmitnussen for help. However, the formidable Twyla Bumblebird may be more than even Ingall Kuchenmitnussen can handle.





New Release – The Dragon By Anthony Renfro

Today I have a New Release for you, The Dragon by author Anthony Renfro.  Also an excerpt for you to enjoy as well as a couple of bonus short stories.



What happens when they ask The Dragon to summon a demon? A simple machine. Able to answer requests. Able to play music. Able to turn on lights and answer questions. Fun and enjoyable technology, but what happens when this machine is able to manifest actual things. In this short story two guys worst fears will come to life.

Bonus Short Story: Webs

A pyramid in the deep dry desert. What secrets lie within its walls? One explorer is about to find his greatest desire and his worst nightmare inside this ancient artifact.

Bonus Short Story: The Headless Fountain Man

A simple photo. A quick snap shot. One woman’s perfect picture is about to become her scariest nightmare.

EXP: The Dragon
Pat followed, looking around at the huge house, no, not looking, gawking would be the appropriate word. The place was huge with a dining room filled with a table that could sit twenty, a library full of books (some rare, some new), and further down the massive hallway with the vaulted ceilings stood four more rooms, all of them hidden behind closed doors. They opened each closed door, and found bedrooms with full baths behind them. They moved on, stopping at the end of the hall when they reached the staircase.

“Would you look at that?” Doug replied, as he stepped onto the bottom part of it. He ran his hand over the ivory railing, and eye balled the expensive carpet that covered each step.

“I bet this place has at least ten rooms in it.”

“Probably more if you consider the attic and basement,” Doug replied, shining his light up the curved staircase. He couldn’t see beyond the curve, but he knew there was another massive amount of space lurking upstairs.

Pat started to move. “Come on, let’s see what’s at the end?”

Doug followed, and at the end of the hall they found a kitchen big enough for a hotel. It was covered with cabinets and hanging cookware, all kinds of cookware, from cast iron to copper bottom. They took a few moments to raid the pantry and fridge, both of which had lots of supplies in them. It was the packaged food and cold beer that both boys took advantage of. They were under 21, but just above the age of 18 so the alcohol was the real treat. After pounding back a few beers, Doug got up to go find a bathroom and on his way back to the kitchen he stumbled upon The Dragon.

“Look what I found,” Doug replied.

“Is that one of those Dragon things that work only with your voice?” Pat asked, standing up, stumbling over to where his friend was standing.

“I wonder if the house is hooked up to it?” Doug asked, looking at his friend.

“Plug it in, find out.”

Doug found a USB outlet, and slipped the plug into the square hole. He was happy to discover that the power hadn’t been turned off in the house. Both boys let the machine warm up, watching the blue light spin around the top, waiting for it to be ready to use. When the light died, the machine sat cold and lifeless, waiting for a response to wake it from slumber.






New Release – Unholy Cause By P.L.Blair

Today I have a recently released novel, Unholy Cause, book five in the Portals series by my friend P.L.Blair.  The first chapter is here also for you to enjoy. This is a fantastic series and I highly recommend it.

Unholy Cause -Final edited.jpg



Kat’s life hangs in the balance as she becomes a pawn in the game of the Unseelie Queen – a female who can jump from body to body and who now seeks an ancient device that will allow her to conquer both the Realms of Magic and the earth known to humans. Kat’s elven lifemate Tevis can save her, but only if he helps the Unseelie Queen find the device that she seeks.

The two detectives, elf and human, face their biggest challenge yet, and a choice that places not only their partnership but their very lives in peril.





Anhlaf stared at the sleeping woman, and revulsion stirred in his gut. “Are you sure,” his voice a whisper that only his companion could hear, “this is the one?”

“I do not make mistakes.” Though the Other also spoke in a whisper, Anhlaf could hear the contempt that laced Its tone.

“But she looks so – ordinary,” he protested. “So – Human.”

“Yet the Ancient Blood flows in her veins, the Blood of the Queen. I feel it, even if you do not.”

Anhlaf Sensed that he had overstepped, and that amends were needed quickly to forestall the Other’s wrath. Only the fact that they both served the Queen kept him safe against the creature, and if he stirred the creature’s anger … “Forgive me.” Anhlaf added a slight bow for emphasis. “It is just that she is so … so …”

“Ordinary. Yes.” The Other barked a laugh. “And … no,” shaking Its head as though It Sensed the question the smaller male did not dare ask, “there is none closer to the Queen in Blood than this one.”

Anhlaf smoothed his face into a mask against his disappointment. No matter how intently he looked, he could not see the promise that his companion found in this … Human.

“Wake her,” the Other said.

He blinked at his companion – a creature scarcely more than a shadow, a vaguely humanoid shape darker than all but the deepest gloom in this night-shrouded room. Wake her

But that was indeed his purpose here. He was the intermediary, the one chosen to speak to the woman, the one who would tell her of her Destiny, who would convince her to come with him to the Realms of Magic. She would never see the Other …

He stepped to the side of her bed, then stopped, and looked toward the Darkness hunched in the far corner. “Did the Queen tell you her name?”







Halloween Promotion – Demon’s Reach by Will Macmillan Jones

Today I have a New Release for you, it is currently available for pre-order. Demon’s Reach is book five in the Mister Jones Mysteries, by my friend Will Macmillan Jones.  This series is scary and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.   I will bring you the others at a later date.  It begins with The Showing.

Will Demons Reach



All families have secrets or skeletons in the cupboard, hidden away from view. Most of those secrets are better left undisturbed, for very good reasons. When Mister Jones agrees to deal with the Estate of a recently deceased cousin, he finds that the secrets hidden by his family are very dark indeed, and that the skeletons in this cupboard are very real – and not yet entirely dead.

Drawn once more by Fate into a world where magic and myth are all too real and danger lurks at every turn, Mister Jones confronts a past that seeks again to become the present, and to plunge his future into a rising Darkness.

Can he escape the Demon’s Reach?


When Mister Jones discovers that he has been asked to be executor of the Estate of a cousin he wasn’t aware he had, he thinks that the request is innocent, a family matter. But when he travels to his late cousin’s home, he finds that the local village is a dark place, full of mistrust of his family and with unsettling whispers of a dark past.

Indeed, his arrival is enough to spark of an attempt by the villagers to destroy part of his late cousin’s home – and the first death. The mystery deepens as another lost relative finds Mister Jones – but is she all that she seems?

His first visit to his late cousin’s house is almost his last, for Mister Jones finds first evidence of Black Magical Rituals among the effects in the house, and then discovers that a Demon still walks the grounds. The Demon makes herself known to more than just Mister Jones, and the body count rises. Joined by another relative stranger who reveals that she is his half-sister, Mister Jones struggles to unravel the web of deceit and mystery and uncover the truth – only to discover that his half-sister is more involved than he believed and that the plot centers around his presence, there in the house. He is to be a sacrificial victim, in a Ritual that will restore his long-lost father to life – at the expense of Mister Jones’.

Can Mister Jones’ half-sister bring herself to sacrifice the brother she doesn’t know, for the father she fears?